Resource Wars gone?

Did they remove it?

They removed them from the Agency window. The sites and LP stores are still there I believe.

I cannot see it in the new Agency Interface. The Resource Wars channel appears inactive. Whenever I log in and ask if anyone is there… nothing but space crickets.

Hard to force anyone to get negative isk from activity. While they can be fun, you can do same fleets somewhere else and actually make some isk.

I’m pretty sure The Monocle & Captain’s Quarters Expansion :tm:, Windows Vista, and Atari’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestial received a better reception and greater acclaim than Resource Wars. Loved by none, missed by none. I honestly wonder how it was approved and not cancelled prior to its release.

“CCP: Proudly Publishing Content Nobody Asked For, that Nobody Wants to Play, that Doesn’t Fit the Game, and that has such Ridiculously, Hilariously Bad Rewards that Merely Being Seen Playing It Qualifies You for the Looney Bin.”

They went out of their way to turn what could have been interesting, entry-level content for newer players into useless crap. God knows how they keep their jobs.

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I think the biggest problem was the fact that we do not need anymore entry level PVE content, esp. content that was absurdly boring and offered some of the worst rewards in the game. (I mean, those ship bundles… horrible fits, even by T1M0 standards.) Intermediate-level PVE (like the NPC miners using PVP AI and tactics) and Entry-level PVP is always welcome as that lowers the barrier of entry to high-level content, but otherwise we don’t need more L0 ■■■■.

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