New Agency 2019

  1. The agency is making EVE too easy.
    Don’t use it. And then you are back to normal.

  2. The agency has left out Resources Wars.
    WTF. CCplease add it back

  3. What is the agency?
    What game are you playing?

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Thats the point.

2hard2eve makes new player brain explode.

it was meaningless. Not enough rewards. No one did it.

The agency is a window that consolidates all the events in EVE into one place.

Total war three kingdoms. Its a great game. Then again, im a sucker for the three kingdoms.

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What point are you making?

When you mean no-body do you mean just you or your alts? Or do you mean no one meaning I did not do it?

The reward to me was that it was challenging. You are correct the “obvious” rewards were poor.

This is sacriledge. And your EVE account should be permaband!

That they’ve made it easier for people to play the game.

No, the stats. CCP removed it for a reason.

That’s why people didn’t do it. There are other, more challenging things to do in EVE, that give better rewards.

I’ve got fuckin Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun on my side, not to mention Zhuge Liang. I can’t for the life of me find out how to get Ma Teng and that other old guy into my retinue, and complete my collection of FIve Tiger Generals. I think the old guy may be dead by now.

By removing resource wars? All aprts of EVE are optional. You don’t even need to undock!

it’s still in the game!! You might want to check with CCP or play the game. Overview settings beacons.

Please, can you just add in IMHO to everything you say? There is more than one opinion on everything. Unless you lead a really big alliance.

EVE gives another meaning to alt-ernative way of living.

The quote youre replying to was in response to how the agency is making EVE easier. Not about removing resource wars.

Okay. I dont care because I only did the resource wars when they first introduced, them, and stopped.

No, it was a Fact.

The Raven state military stockpile pack, for example, which cost 30K LP and 175 million isk, actually cost more, just with the isk, than just outright buying it from the market. They didnt bother readjusting the price of the ship with how cheap it became in the market, so it became more expensive in the pack than it did in the market.

Sure. Youre secretly my Alt and im just arguing with myself.

agreed, that it is.

me too, it got boring as you needed: to be subscribed, not care about skins, or not care about LP, or not care about Isk. So that’s like 0.00000001% of players.

Having a fact that supports your way of paying EVE does not make it everyone who plays EVE like you. It’s like me saying “its a fact the earth goes around the sun…so everyone plays EVE like me” - as evidence I referer to the things to do in EVE diagram. And there are ton of player who have never even mined << made up stat.

“I have no strings…”

Sure. So next time keep up with the discussion, I guess.


I think you forgot what you were replying to again.

I wrote:

There are other, more challenging things to do in EVE, that give better rewards.

And the stat that i provided, was a fact. My claim, was a fact, and based on actual evidence. It wasnt a made up stat.

More like, I have no mouth.

so that is everyone that plays eve. lol.

I thought you were good at math.

Do the math, and read what I wrote in my last comment again.

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