The Agency - better emails on event data

So with many tasks, I find it sometimes hard to tell what I just completed when the agency alerts me that I earned 10 points. I’m like WHY?

Now let’s be honest the email you get has like zero value. Let’s review the email.

The Agency: 10 Points Achieved
Sent: 2017.10.04 09:52

that all the email says, that 100% of it, not just the header, that the WHOLE thing. I’d like to just add that I get the same info in the notification feed.

So I’m on test right now and I was idly mining ore, OK, I did it intentionally but I got 10 agency points, and I’m like why… well I can look all I want I will never know. But OK, its true I see that an event changed from mine 10,000 ore to mine 20,000 ore so wait on top of everything else now “The Agency” is not capped by only allowing X things to be done per day.

OK, honestly if you’re OK with that I guess I am too, but I think it would be cool if I could look back at my letters from CONCORN and look at the tasks I completed instead of just seeing that I got 4 points or 10 points.

I will let others let me know that I’m being silly but I will repeat it now currently the letters really do not seem to serve any use.

Thanks Risca

The Agency events (as with many things EVE) are horribly lacking in explanation or information. I am glad the current one is over, because for the entire duration in Rookie Help we have been having to explain non-stop to Rookies what the Agency is, why they have a ‘mission’ to kill 20 Sleepers, what a Sleeper is, why they can’t complete said mission or kill said Sleepers anyway, and so on.

If you’ve been in the EVE universe for longer it’s easy to overlook the lack of information because you know more about what’s going on from experience, but when you see things like Agency events through the eyes of a Rookie, you realise how lazy they events are in terms of presentation and information.

I know EVE is notorious for being a game that tips you out into the cold dark reaches of space and leaves you to get on with it but I also think sometimes that is an easy cop out option.

Its just SPAM.

Thanks for your replies, I kind of feel that Nana got it right that its just SPAM.
And Sindara I feel sorry for you on the help chat, but I will say I finally got it that when scanning using min setting, I swear that probably took me several years to get it down I was like why is it so hard to get to 100% :slight_smile:

So everyone who helps with the help chat, thank you. I know sometimes you can’t help but when you do its wonderful.

And ccp you do know that you can pass a string to a function, and if the string was like the title of the task you just completed that could be the message body. So easy. OH and if its blank everything works just like it does now. Well unless your stuff does hard parm checking then it is a bit of extra work.



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