Welcome to the Agency - Feedback

Hello everyone and welcome to the Agency!

Please remember that we are changing several things for the August event already and that much of the feedback here may not make it in until September or October. We are working hard to add lots of functionality to the Agency.

With that said, please let us know your thoughts on the Agency.


Ok some quick feedback:

  • Rewards are underwhelming
  • There is no choice for T3C skin. I’m flying Loki usually and Tengu skin is useless to me.
  • Speed booster effect is unnoticeable for most of us casual players (compare it to SP boosters hype in past events)
  • Some tasks have some strange limitations (I have Sleipnir for example and I’m willing to complete Combat site, but I’m locked to T1 BC only and need to buy that just to get rid of the task for mediocre rewards)

Overall in comparison to Shadow of the Serpent event it feels like a regress (and SoS had it’s own share of faults). I don’t feel any commitment to participate and switch ships for tasks.


RU Localization , - CCP > No Way…

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the rewards are absolute ass

you should have done a lot more planning before you release this event this is a very boring one on top of that


Oh yes, that was reported in previous feedback thread 25 days ago but no one seems to care to translate tasks to Russian (and most likely to other languages).
I honestly don’t know what we expected :psyccp:



Ehh, I like the idea, but come on, I’m not going to buy new ships and daytrip all over 3 sec zones just to get 1 PLEX every two hours when I could be ratting/missionning/trading.


and one more thing thanks for the Boost it actually screwing me over I operate a freighter more speed is a bad thing if it was more warp speed then I would be happy about it


when i logged in to do some DP the booster started to run for 50something minutes … speed doesnt matter in the hanger so this booster was wasted … is there a way to use this booster when i want?


@CCP_Dragon sometimes ago you release The Agency on Singularity and create this
I, like other players, listed the problems with prevous iteration of this event.

Localisation. The mission descriptions were not translated into the official languages (russian, german and french), or was no technical opportunity to do this.

Now CCP miss it again.

(thanks Sarmatiko for screenshot)

What the problem with translating 200-300 words to 3 languages and put in client?


Assuming the challenge rewards and 24 hour timer are relatively the same throughout the event; during the 14 days of the event you need to complete either all challenges every day for 8 days or you do the easily available ones (ie not the ones requiring scanning combat sites, 4 point reward…?) which would be 10 days of 30 points per day.

Well played CCP, promoting gameplay which rewards you for logging in almost every day, yet if you are only able to play casually then it is pointless.

As for the rewards, pretty lame effort. The booster reward should be more regular, like every 30 points, not at only 190 points.


doing the challenges is cool but the rewards are useless :frowning:


KISS principle
4 events. One tech 3 skin per event.
Allow players to choose which SKIN for tech 3 they can earn. One of 4 per event.


5 PLEX for the entire kit and caboodle? And a booster that doesn’t seem to be worth any more than a synth one, except it boosts both tank types (which you shouldn’t have fitted)? Is this some kind of joke? The only thing that’s any good is the Tengu skin. Honestly I might just ignore this event entirely and buy it if I really want it.


I get the feeling that this months event is pretty much a test bed for The Agency feature. That is why the challenges are simple and the rewards poor.

Hopefully things will improve both ways in the future.


Did you disable anomalies for this or something? It’s been abyssmal since downtime

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Combat site in T3C…right. Anoms counts? Because T3C are banned from hisec sites.
Literally this:

  • Rewards: Too small. Even for new players. Doing level 1 missions gives you more ISK/h.
  • Login booster: Useless (I often login to just to prepare and manage stuff (market orders, hauling, industry, etc))
  • Agency boosters: Worthless. +3% armor repair for 30min … This bonus is barely noticeable. Why not give us attribute boosters (like the rogue swarm accelerator)? Everyone needs more skill points.
  • Challenges that require specific ships: Bad. I cant fly T3 cruisers. I cant skip the challenge. Will the T3 cruiser challenge occupy that slot for the entire event?
  • Interface/UI: Ok. But please add the option to skip/decline a challenge once every 24h. If you are worried that the skipping option will be abused to get the best/easiest challenges, you could make it so that skipping a challenge only gives you generic, low point challenges.

@CCP_Dragon Some datamining :grinning: Texts was translated and now they are in TQ database, but no showing on localised client.

Eng - Rus table

I can be wrong in some places, i`mt not a DB specialist, but mots of it is true. But i have no idea why eve client show ensligh discritpions on localised client.


As I also posted over on Reddit:

“Dear CONCORD, what is The Agency? This new organization suddenly popped out of nowhere on my Neocom, suspiciously offering me free stuff for doing random things in space. Have you been hacked?”

— A concerned capsuleer.

I’m not an RPer, but I love EVE lore; it’s all been mostly consistent so far, so … who is The Agency?

So far, you (CCP) had this super strict policy that all EVEthings must have a lore-related thing backing them up for immersion reasons. That was why you refused to let us make our own ship SKINs (“nano-coatings”); why Project Discovery corresponds to both an ‘in-game’ researcher and a real life person; why we can respawn (cloning); PLEX is a quantum entangled currency CONCORD manages, etc…

So I ask again: Who is The Agency (other than “your friendly game devs”)? What is their angle? What’s the catch? Nothing in New Eden is free, so why should capsuleers trust them? :wink:

EDIT: On a more true feedback front - none of these rewards are enough to make me want to do these things. I think you would be better off making achievements / rewards which are based on roles/careers/‘activity trees’ - nudge newbies into trying play styles they may not have previously considered (get them out of their comfort zone). … Yes, I realize I’m basically describing the Opportunities System, which I think if drastically expanded could be a great way of helping new players learn the game.

EDIT 2: Welp… Reddit user /u/hirmuolio pointed out to me that there is, in fact, a Scope article which mentions The Agency at the very end.


Is the bounty challenge only for NPC bounties or are player bounties working too? Are there any PvP challenges?