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TLDR - I’d suggest for CCP to slow down and take time to observe what’s happening and take feedback. Disappointing events, sales etc feel desperate and send a bad message.

So I followed changes over last couple months, decided to start a new character and get into the game again. It was immediately noticeable that discussion was more negative surrounding changes to null and such, this didn’t have much of an impact on me but was interesting to read. Now that I’ve been active for several weeks I can understand what the negativity about CCP stems from.

Maybe a good example of this would be Triglavians, it isn’t very clear until you actually play enough to see and experience the implications this has on players. I was not aware of the mechanics and what these rats can do, even though I’ve fought them in a BC a few times I could not imagine that they will warp on top of you and attack randomly. This wouldn’t be the end of the world, but their raw stats are absurd - you’re very likely to lose an exploration frigate while hacking a site, you have very little time to react.

So this gave me a bit more perspective into what’s going on as far as game design, if before I was for the changes now I’m understanding why this is a bad direction. But let’s move away from the obvious and talk about what the implications have been.

Skilling Spree feels like a way to manipulate stats for daily logins, it does not feel like a natural and fun activity but a 0 effort one. During the last week at some point I saw a brief sale on omega which I was considering but it disappeared before I got around to it, this was a disappointing experience overall, prior to these shenanigans I was likely to buy omega anyway but after this it just feels wrong

It seems as if decisions are being made recklessly and desperately, both in regard to the veterans of the game and also the “new” people coming in. While I don’t want to blame specific changes for this, I want to draw attention to how the direction has impacted players of different play styles in different levels of risk. I would urge CCP to just stop for a moment and observe what’s going on, take feedback. Don’t rush with arbitrary events and sales, it’s the wrong message to send at this time.

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I have wondered just how brutal Triglavians would be to new players. I have a little time in the the game and still avoid them like a Saint Bernard’s yard. I stumbled into them once, found out how tough they are while they EWAR’ed the snot outta me, dealing significant damage for a worthless little nuisance.

Skilling Spree. Wouldn’t that be such a good thing if I didn’t… work! But I see this game does reward those who don’t… kind of. Not saying “you” don’t work, just that I have known what its like to miss out on many things like Voh Qeles missed the sale. I miss stuff a lot. It’s not inactivity - I play hard, but I work hard too. It can feel like the game is directed to someone else entirely.

While we are on the topic of direction, I get that some attempts are being made to cater (or at least appear to cater) to new players. But we dump new players in a handful of NPC corps with scrolling chats. If a pilot holds at least neutral standing they should be able to fly to an NPC station, drop corp, and fall into the NPC station owners NPC corp. A mouthful. I don’t feel this is the place for me to go on about this: This seems an intelligent post. It’s not difficult to see how it plays out beneficially.

I agree Sir. Developers should be careful not to leave too much to the biases of the counsel! Especially since we know “bias” is on the rise.

Triglavians in HighSec - Where is Concord / Faction Police in all this? I don’t want to interfere with incoming lore, but that would be something cool for new players to see… maybe get some salvaging trained up too.

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