Live Event Feedback: Alpha Strike


(Arya Alderian) #1

This is the OFFICIAL feedback thread for September’s Agency event…


Please list your thoughts!

(Cade Windstalker) #2

Shouldn’t the official feedback threads be made by a, you know, official CCP rep?

Both so it’s easier for them to keep track of and so they can provide relevant information in the first post?

(Arya Alderian) #3

Continuing the discussion from Live Event Feedback: Lucky Clash:

This is the literaly definition of ORGANIC.

Made alive by us. Originated naturally by us the players…


Here is the ORGANICLY CREATEd feedback thread dude.

Google the word organic

(Krima Sumyungi) #4

T1 trash ships as loot. Another waste of dev time on this “event” crap.

(Tian Tian Tian) #5

I saw recent Dev notes that they had just adjusted the rewards of this event.

Holy hell what in the world could have the rewards been supposed to be if they had to upgrade them to these trash rewards??

Continuing the discussion from Live Event Feedback: Lucky Clash:

Like seriously were they originally T1 mods? Or T1 frigates and you made them after feedback T1 industrials and destroyers?

Ccp, what is wrong with you recently?

Is ccp tone deaf?

(LouHodo) #6

It is a troll post. Not a real event so no need to get all upset.

(Persephanie Mae) #7


Have you logged in today? How old are you? Old enough to read?

Read the Devs post on last event? They arent making their own feedback threads and want us to make our own.

Tbh you just made yourself look ignorant, dense, and like a child.

(LouHodo) #8

Nope some of us have this thing called a job… it leads to other things called… a life.

(Nana Skalski) #9

Event in game is called “ALPHA THREE” for me. CCP is making fake news again?

(Matthias Ancaladron) #11

Can’t log in yet.

What are the rewards?

Are the cooldowns removed yet?

(Cade Windstalker) #12

Having an “official feedback thread” kinda defeats the point. It seems to me that “more organic feedback” would indicate less concentrated with no single thread for feedback and instead allowing different topics to develop around specific concerns and topics of discussion.

(Anna Maria Yolo) #13

No, they still are an important part of the event. 22hrs cooldown.

CCP, if you really like them, please add the button - “skip the event”

(Matthias Ancaladron) #14

I see that now.

Useless rewards.
CCP either doesn’t know how to make an event or has never played an mmo before and has no frame of reference. It’s like how they do updates now.

Rather than one big update with lots of content that freshens the game up and seriously overhauls aspects of the game we get a bunch of useless updates every day most of which we don’t even get info or notes on. In the same way instead of one big event on a holiday with decent rewards that’s interesting to go out and do its going to be mind numbingly menial tasks every 22 hours.

Inb4 CCP adds an energy bar for events that depletes for each task you do and you wait 66 hours for it to refill and complete 1 or 2 tasks and you pay Plex to instantly refill it.

The agency is dead, let it die CCP.

(K'uata Sayus) #15

I have one account, three characters. One a mission runner, one a trade/mfg/science, one an exploration and DED runner.

The types of missions rotate so that once a mining oriented set of goals is reached, the next set of goals is for either running missions or manufacturing a module, etc.

Specialized characters have one shot at what they’re good in, and then are saddled with stuff they aren’t effective in.

By and large, all characters aren’t good in all things, but the event does not take this into consideration.

Maybe Alphas are finding it challenging and rewarding, but I find my characters are soon tasked to do stuff they have little expertise in, and I ignore the event.

(Leland Komac) #16

OK. The title is ALPHA strike and the tasks and rewards seem suitable to new players.

I think this is working as intended.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #17

It would be nice to know how many alphas are even left in the game. We are down to 2006 numbers for current users. I strongly suspect that most of the alphas that joined after the alpha change are long gone. The alphas that are left are most likely returning players as opposed to new players and therefore don’t need this sort of entry level handholding. Ccp is essentially wasiting dev time developing systems for a player segment that isn’t even here anymore

(Bjorn Tyrson) #18

yeah, because instead of working to increase new player retention, and testing mechanics that could benefit everyone in the long run. they should instead focus just on the veteran players. who needs new blood, eve is really just 5 guys and their alts at this point anyways.

(March rabbit) #19

I liked description for the first crate: “this looks like packaged industrial ship but instructions for unpackage are unclear”

(Abyss Azizora) #20

Honestly the rewards are borderline useless even for a brand new alpha pilot, as you can BUY these ships in less time than it will take you to earn them via the event just by doing level 1 missions… Hell, maybe even killing belt rats in a 0.8 system would be faster.

Useless events.

(LouHodo) #21

If you are a combat oriented character yes. But this is not a hard event or even a challenging one. It is a simple “bonus” event in doing stuff that an alpha would do almost every day in about an hour or two of playing.

I think it is a good start for a better event in the future. I dont mind it at all.