Live Event Feedback: Lucky Clash

EDIT: Due to an unrelated delay, Lucky Clash should start on August 16 and will now end on August 23.

Due to how quickly we are creating these events, please remember that we didn’t have a chance to incorporate much of the feedback we received from the Welcome to the Agency live event.

That being said, here’s a few things that we want to try to do in the future, in no particular order.

  • Bring back Accelerators as an event drop, but we need a few back end improvements first.
  • Try a non-combat oriented event.
  • Provide rewards such as limited availability BPCs, to test out possible new modules or ships.
  • Balance changes to the points awarded and the reward milestones.
  • Add in non-point rewards in individual challenges, so that a challenge can grant something special or different.
  • Scale challenges instead of using daily cooldown timers. These would still reset each maintenance or something like that. Still in design phase.

And now… the Lucky Clash. Please remember, there are a few changes with the Lucky Clash based on what we learned from Welcome to the Agency, but further improvements may be further down the road.

Please let us know your thoughts.


Hello CCP Dragon,

Where can players find information stats about this event?

I’m talking about facts such as length of duration, event site locations, NPC hull types and DPS / Ewar capabilities, player skill level and equipment requirements, loot rewards, etc.

Also thank you for promoting and taking feedback about these Events.

its a marginal improvement in what youre describing but the best events are still with open sites and unique drops
like high end skins that arent just palette swaps or accelerators which are always welcome.

good job getting rid of dailies. this isnt a mobile clash of clans game. dailies can burn and die.


edit nevemind thats what they want to do in the future.

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I’m talking about info like this for example:

Lucky Clash

Event Duration = August 15 to 22
Site Locations = RNG spawn of 100% Warp-to Beacons in High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec and W-space.
Site Difficulty = Novice (High Sec), Intermediate (Low & Null Sec), Advanced (W-space)
NPC Amount Per Site = Novice (5-10), Intermediate (10-20), Advanced (20-30)
NPC Hull Type / DPS / Ewar = Based on NPC stats related to system security level per each Region.
Player Requirements = No special skills or equipment needed, can be completed solo or in fleet.
Loot Rewards = ISK Bounty + RNG chance of Ship Skins, Boosters, Skill Injectors, Ship BPC, Faction and Deadspace modules.

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What is the reason for the delay? @CCP_Dragon

Shite happens.

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As long as I have a say, when I want to participate in the event…

its gotta be the steel cardinal skins.

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Production delay from other parts of the company. I’ll let them talk about it if they feel it’s something they want to talk about. All I want to say is that it was enough to delay our deployment, which happens to include the live event.

I’m not sure how much info I like to give away. I agree that we need to be better about communicating the event duration. On the other hand the event itself should direct you to the appropriate content so you get a good idea of how to get there and what the rewards might be.

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event is a dud.
one battleship, 20k bounty in nullsec, only drops tank boosters from what i can tell… ive still got the tank booster from the first agency event that wasnt worth anything. not even worth selling them. just gonna trash them. not worth doing at all.

garment container is only intriguing thing because it might have clothes inside. wont know for 2-3 days.

events been live for less than an hour and my official rating is 1/10
would be 0/10 if not for the garment container.


I hope that garment container has some new SKIRTS AND BOOTS inside it so i can show them off in my Captains Quarters…

Oh… wait…

Wtf am im going to do with new SKIRTS AND BOOTS?

Who could even see those now?


show info > view portrait > view full body

i agree removing captains quarters was a stupid idea but maybe now they will fix it and actually do wis properly after learning from their mistakes.


The event is bugged did ah lucky clash site did 15 and nothing no points,
and why did you leve the players whit angel only ncp ■■■■■■

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How is it possible to make every event shittier than the last? It must be a new world record in the history of gaming.


Your idea of cooldown timers really sucks. I cannot imagine what do you think that reducing cooldown from 24h to 21h is a “good step”

You can easy set all the tasks/opportunities avalaible once a day or once per game-day (time between a serwer restart). Instead of this you set the stupid cooldown timer. What this means for the participants? Does it make the event more enjoyable? Or fun? I seriously doubt it.

For the potential participant like me, this feature doesn’t make the event “cooler”. Contrary - it is potential frustrating because my real life is more important than eve, and I log in when I have time. When I log and see that I cannot fill the daily tasks, because they will be avalaible after for example 3 hours I dont think “wow, how awesome devs created this event”. Well. I don’t think that you would like to hear what I could say if I really excited prizes of this event. So - as a player I don’t see any pros of this feature. only cons.

Lets think what it gives to you? You implemented this solution because you think that it has “value” for you.
You have been told very clear that players think that timers suck. You left the feature almost unchanged. What may be the “value” for you? I guess, that you think that it in your opinion works as an “addiction factor”. Yes, thats could be true 10 years ago, when ogame or darkthrone were very popular. But now this solution really is out of date. Let me suggest you something.

I really like the idea of oppotunities avalaible in the other games. For example “World of Tanks”, maybe you heard about this game, huh? Whatever - there is a daily bonus (2x exp) that can be gained at any time between downtimes. Another hint - World of Tanks is much more popular game than ogame (which I think is really inspiring you) and probably even than from the EVE. Maybe the reason is that Wargaming is offering better ingame rewards in daily events (exp) and time events (premium tanks marathons) than the games which try to train the players like Pavlov’s dogs who have to log in on the same time each day? You created great daily tasks in the past - 10000k exp for first NPC kill, Blood Raiders harvest. They could be completed at any time. Why do you think that including these shitty timers makes the event better?


The rewards are even more sub-par than the last event. and the daily missions more limiting. I live in serpentis space, and sure, I could zip out to HS and blast out that kill mission. but unlike the previous event, where the majority of the objectives could be completed with very slight modification to my daily activities, this one requires going out of my way to complete. and the rewards are even less enticing.


well maybe the garment is something cool
i liked the one with the rogue drones where everyone was crying about ninja looters
that was good player interaction

The rewards are even worse than in the last event.
The sites consist of 1 rat spawn.
How much time did you spend on making this event? 30min?

CCPlease, your goal should be making PvE better, not worse.

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Did one of the beacon sites in a astero, basicaly just orbited and released the drones on the single battleship, looted the wreck. Easy but also boring and the reward was a Agency Tank Booster 1. Isk value is close to zero, collectible vallue is close to zero and the incentive to do them again instead of focusing on relic and data sites or anything else really is zero.
At least in the past you guys used youtube trailers where you created some kind of hype, and the drops were quite good.
Now there is no hype, and the drops are meh …