Warzone extraction info/thread

Not yet. I’ve been eyeing that system for a little bit but haven’t had a chance to use it. They are still refining usage of the system as well.

Yes. It is an amount of time.

I’m being vague because it is semi-random and we don’t think it helps any to give out that information. If we feel it is not fast enough, we’ll adjust it again.

Not my call.

Yeah, we seem to see them clustering in less traveled sites in High Sec and Null/W. It’s only Low Sec where they are being really well distributed.

This leads me to want to do some testing with distribution to see if we can make it a little better, but each event has had such different completion rates that we don’t have a good baseline to work with yet.

Point taken.

I am happy to answer questions, but please rephrase the questions so they are not rhetorical.

Concerning this comment, I shall gather together what I’ve said so far:

And the following:

If I may expand on that, we were, at the time, making changes to an already existing system. Had we been making the Agency from scratch the downtime reset mechanic would have been the easier solution. We were not, and it was not. The good news is that we shall see the first iteration of scaling challenges on Singularity when the next release makes its way there. This means it should be in the Crimson Harvest event.

Perhaps the running gag should be that I’m the copy paste master. I copied them from the existing Sleepers, which has of course caused problems. I’m not as experienced as other folks at balancing these things yet. But yes, it should always be a calculation between risk and reward.

Yeah… about that…

Winner winner.

What a strange date to pick.

This is 25% correct and 75% a lie.

I heard someone say it would be cool if that’s the way it worked. It is not the way it works. Giving the relic to the quartermaster actually puts the dungeon into cleanup mode so it stops spawning new things.

This is where my mistake came in, I didn’t count on players who (for whatever reason) might run off with the relic. My bad.

Interesting. Battleships don’t actually drop accelerators. I was inquisitive towards the metrics just to make sure and I can confirm, neither of the Battleships have ever dropped an accelerator.

EDIT: I misread our metrics. Someone has corrected me and pointed out I should wear glasses when trying to read.

The chance for a can to spawn and the chance for Sleepers to spawn are completely unrelated.

Empty sites is a bug and should now be fixed.

Not giving a reward for completing the puzzle part of the dungeon was just a test, poorly executed on my part, to see if the Agency rewards or the Sleeper loot was driving participation. Yes, this should be a “duh” answer but there have been many things that have surprised me in the past that I don’t presume I know the answer.

SKINs, Accelerators and the Jackets are rare and only dropped off one type of Sleeper. Correct.

EDIT: I have confirmed that they are dropping, from the correct type of Sleeper. Loot is not bugged.

  • First, they were far advanced beyond their years when the tools were first made.
  • Second, a decade of game dev tools later, CCP’s content authoring tools are no longer as advanced as they once were.
  • Third, some of the systems seem to be made for a one-time use and so authoring a new thing for them is really tough but we’ve already started correcting that.

I should also specify that the technical systems are amazing and great here. It’s the authoring side of things that are lackluster. Not that it surprises me at all, since that’s been the case with pretty much any MMO that’s this old.

I’m still here. And yes, I might be too honest for my own good. I also think it’s really important to communicate with our players in any way we can. The forums are only a small portion of our community but it’s a (mostly) safe place for us devs.