Event Testing - Welcome to the Agency


(CCP Dragon) #1

We have activated the July Event, titled Welcome to the Agency, on the test server Singularity.

Further changes to the event will be taking place in a few hours. The event will have a different reward structure from the actual version to help with testing the current version of the Agency window, the challenges, and the rewards.

Please let us know what you think!

(Aspecter en Welle) #2

Hello, CCP Dragon.

Ypur team rebuild, i hope, “Welcome to the Agency” event is a new vershion of “Shadow of the Serpent” event and Scope Network system.

I will remind you about the problems of “Shadow of the Serpent” and i hope you know about it and they don`t appean in Agency.

  1. Localisation. The mission descriptions were not translated into the official languages (russian, german and french), or was no technical opportunity to do this.
  2. Missions. Players grind (mostly) one type of event sites with container and ignore all other sites. Container with Serpentis Modified Capital Microprocessor (unique item for Serpentis capital ships manufacturing).
    Players grind this sites because processors and because hey always had a mission to these sites.
  3. Drifters. Kill 1-5-10 Drifters for points. Impossible for most players. especially without the of losing ship. Very few players know how to do this with minimal losses (C5-C6 WH players know, Drifter Hive explorers know). And was not possible to quickly reject these missions. Reject “Kill one Drifter” mission, get “Kill 5 Drifters” mission.

I will provide constructive feedback about current event.
So, thanks.

(Nana Skalski) #3

Agency? SCOPE bankrupt?

I liked SCOPE network better.

(CCP Sledgehammer) #4

Since the SCOPE News Network is a Gallente organisation it wouldn’t make sense for them to feature challenges that are aggressive towards Gallente (which may be the case in the future) or other Empires (being a news service). We changed it to The Agency to have a neutral party dish out these challenges.

The Agency Rewards - Some suggestions and feedback
(Nana Skalski) #5

Hmm, seems oriented towards capsuller interaction. Is there any plan to flesh out the lore behind Agency?

Maybe something capsuleer based, something with unifying all capsuleers around common idea? Common goals?

(Aspecter en Welle) #6

It`s intresting, but notifications dont say me what mission i complete. Can you add mission name and discription in notification message?

(Jaret Victorian) #7

Hey, guys!

Like the simplicity of the missions this time - they are basically “Undock, do PvE, travel around” and can be completed with any type of sites, so people are not required to grind just one of the five new sites. Although I imagine you can still add new seasonal sites.

Please do flesh out the lore with it. Scope Network had portraits of characters offering missions, this one just has scopes. Lore is a fantastic vessel of engagement for players.

The missions I’ve seen so far involve scanning, making money and shooting pirates. Last time we had mining missions? Perhaps there’s a potential for other types? Hauling, scanning a certain amount of sites to 100%? Salvaging wrecks? Ability to discard, say, one mission per hour?

(Aspecter en Welle) #8

Didn`t see mining missions, but I do not exclude that they are. You can see mission type icon in discritpion. I see only combat.

(Nana Skalski) #9

What is the message that Agency wants to send to people working for it? Why it wants to contact capsuleers and give them rewards?

The nature of quest is to get rid of the competition in form of pirates? Or maybe even empires?

(Aspecter en Welle) #10

Fresh update boiz

Now you must wait for new missions.

@CCP_Dragon i have i question. Where i can get my reward for first stage and how much PLEXes will i earn?

(Nana Skalski) #11

Is Agency an “invisible hand” of CONCORD perhaps?

(Charles Surge) #12

These news articles are what led up to The SCOPE Network event.

(Shadowace Evi) #13

Didn’t they cut dies from the Gallente Federation and our now their own seperate entity/

(Shadowace Evi) #14

Not sure what you changed since this morning but I would like to see more “missions” for mining, doing data and relic sites, and sites in WH similar to the scope event. Also please stay away from weird ■■■■ like killing drifters in rookies ships like last time as well. Also while nitpicky would like to see a different picture besides the old shadow of serpatis one thats on there now. Seems kinda cheesy to just reuse that one.

(Jaret Victorian) #15

So, on “fleshing out the lore”. @CCP_Falcon and other lore guys probably already have something in mind for it, still here’s a neat idea.

I like how New Eden is a big world, and it has its own internets that can have literally anything, but also its own darkweb. In Valkyrie #3 comics Ran mentions a darkhub, which I assume Eve’s darkweb, and that she picked a job there for her team, to attack some mining colony.

With events, players often asked for an ability pick sides and be bad guys for once. So here’s a thing. The Scope News’ infrastructure can be utilized to turn it into an immersive “darkhub” - wet jobs, pirate hits, protecting miners, courier jobs, “good-guy” missions, eliminating capsuleers, mining, literally anything. Use the character portrait function like we had in the Shadow of the Serpent, put many different contacts there, add odd names, nicknames, usual names for aditional layer of immersion.

One single infrastructure, operating like an “internet site”, can be utilized for both “good” and “bad” missions not tied to any storyline and at the same time tied to any storyline when it comes around and you can constantly build on it.

(Nana Skalski) #16

This is not at all shady, its just extermination of pirates. CONCORD wants to have clear hands if something is going bad so they use Agency that is using capsuleers for everything.

(Jasmin Yeva) #17

I’m glad to see that reward are tightly spaced. This was one of big issues with serpent event (you needed to gring the hell out to get the first reward).
But I have some questions/concerns:

  1. Discarding challenges. I see “Complete combat site in T3 cruiser” challenge – many player won’t be able to complete it, due to the lack of skills. So can we discard challenges? How long it will make to get new challenge instead discarded one? I hope that it isn’t 24 hours because this would be very harsh – you get unlucky strie of challenges you can’t complete and you miss points. I think 1-3 hours would be enough to disallow abuse of challenge discarding. Also – is there checks to prevent new challenge to be in the same category as discarded one (to prevent mentioned here ‘discard “kill 1 drifter” mission to get “kill 5 drifters” mission’).
    Idea: instead of adding time penalty, give player new challenge immediately, but reduce number of points for that challenge (maybe don’t penalize first discard).
  2. Progress bar on top – does it has 120 points total an then “refresh”? Or it spanc to the right beyond 120 points (I think I don’t have access to the test server, because I’m alpha).
  3. How many challenges we get in a day? Are points in the challenges balanced (I mean that each player’s challenges sum up to the same number of points)? Are all chalenges give the same number of points?

And again: I’m glad to see event system back.

(Aspecter en Welle) #18

I find and complete signature combat complex on Legion for “Complete signature combat site” and “Complete signature combat site on t3 cruiser” challenges, but only first was be complete. Bot both.

So, you earn only 1 PLEX (first reward).

(Rain6637) #19

I can’t find any signatures. What am I doing wrong? “no signatures or anomalies in current system” in every system I visit

(Aspecter en Welle) #20

I find signatures near Old Man Star.