Next event

(Sharcy) #1

Does anyone know when the next Agency event is due to run?

(Guiliano Thellere) #2

Guardian’s Gala or similar going off past years. Towards the end of February

(Joviany White) #3

So, why there is no event on the test server? 2 days left and no tests?
Again testing and patching/bugfixing in production environment (CCP “feature”), or I missed something?

Event Feedback - Guardian's Gala 2019
(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #4

I don’t think they are putting events on SiSi. there is a recent post about Guardians Gala.

(Joviany White) #5

And that’s why:

(Jerry Falcone) #6

I read similar to what geo posted. They are not putting ANY events on singularity. To prevent testers getting head starts over non testers, or something along that line

(Joviany White) #7

I was trying an event on the test server a while ago. Don’t remember the name… But I know for sure it was on SiSi. Half year before, I think. Something changed then.

(Anderson Geten) #8

yeah and people got headstart from it.

Now that the events framework is firmly tested, CCP can easily deploy bugless events on day 1 and people will enjoy a bug-free session :slight_smile: (<- this is irony dudes, don’t get triggered)

(CaseyLP) #9

Yeah… people getting headstarts on events can be an issue.

(Sharcy) #10

From what I see in the database leaks, this event looks set to be similar to the Blood Raiders one. The stuff for the accellerators needs to be mined again.

(Agondray) #11

and than they wonder why we have to spend half of the event doing patches for the event and players get upset. A lot of players have quit doing the event since accelerators moved to bpcs and even more quit due to the new “emergent” event mechanics and “features”

(DrysonBennington) #12

I think a good event would include receiving Skill Injectors and Extractors that are virtually the lifeblood of Alpha clones. Everyone likes Skill Injectors and free skill points so why not have an event where you can earn up to 250,000 skill points? Trust me 250,000 skill points really isn’t a lot.

(Anderson Geten) #13

rofl. pay plex or STFU please.