Next Live Event?

Any idea on what the next event ill be and when it will take place? Hoboleaks shows that “Prototype ‘Hercules’ Cerebral Accelerator” have been added to test server, so I am guessing the event is coming up soon :3

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Hopefully the server is stable enough to run an event.

I believe we’ve already had some new / unknown NPC types as well as Blood Raider, Rogue Drone, Guristas, Drifter, Gallente and Minmatar Events.

So that basically leaves Amarr, Caldari, Serpentis, Sansha and Angel NPC’s.

Then there’s the Triglavians too now.

Take a close look at the description of the accelerator, it contains some very useful clues…

A prototype variant cerebral accelerator provided as a reward for participation in a systematic program of exploration of Abyssal Deadspace run by an unknown sponsor.

Cerebral accelerators are military grade boosters that significantly increase a pilot’s skill development for a given window of time. This is achieved by priming the user’s brain and neural pathways for increased data bandwidth during knowledge transfer.

Capsuleers using this accelerator can expect a massive increase in neural bandwidth, aiding much more rapid uptake of skill-related neural data.

The compounds are only guaranteed to function until YC 120-09-18.

So, the event is almost certainly going to be based around Triglavians, probably in the form of achieving specific objectives in Abyssal sites.

The boosters expiry is usually 1 month after the event finishes, so we can probably expect it to start some time within the next 2 weeks.

Edit: There is also an “Experimental Mutaplasmid Repository”, which looks a bit like a loot box. According to the description, it contains mutaplasmids for Anciillary Reppers and Shield Boosters. I’d guess this is one of the Agency rewards for the event.

Double Edit: I strongly suspect they will start the event shortly after the August release on August 14th, when they also disable Abyssal suspect flagging in an attempt to expose as many players as possible to the content.

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Heh, I think it’d be super funny when you get an abyssal spawn of like 5-8 of those Trig or Drifter battleships + some cruisers + some frigs in the mix on an external event site. Especially if they make them from the equivalent of L4s or L5s. There are going to be a lot of ship losses.

They can also make the actual events timed so that the Trigs jump back into abysmal space after a while.

It will be a rude awakening for a lot of people.

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There shall be a little more information soon :3



huh Live Event ? I remember just one cool “really live event” and that was an Incursion in High-Sec (8/2011)
that was truly amazing .

I really hope it’s not going to take place inside abyssal pockets. If it does, how will I steal all the loot and shoot anyone who thinks shooting flashies in high sec is a good idea?

Maybe if you fly a triglavian ship you can enter other people’s abyssal pockets and will show up with the name of a generic triglavian NPC. :smiling_imp: One can dream at least.

Well, depends on how they do it. If one has to run a full site just to get at the boosters then I would first have to get into the whole Abyss thing, and I’m a bit too much of a casual to stick my nose into it just yet. It would feel a bit too forced if players were now to be lured with an event into the Abyss with a chance of losing their ship and pod.

So I’m hoping it’s going to be more of a sight-seeing tour with a bit of casual game-play to it.

Or you may be right and it’s a trap. :rofl:

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you’re right - if the Event is designed to draw more attention to abyss sites - players that are already interested in doing it will reap extra benefits, while those that have no interest in the idea that any “accidents” or miscalculations are fatal to your ship and pod, will continue to avoid the new content.

I’ve done it up to Tier 3… you have to pay attention to a lot of things compared to any other PvE site type EVE offers. Not even removal of suspect flag in HS would entice me to risk the extra challenge of Tier 4/5. “Hercules” is a good name for the accelerator, lol.

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Nooo, please no Abyss related event. There is no way, I will ever run one of those sites.


I wonder from where these statues came, looks familiar :thinking:


I imagine it will be something like the Triglavians are tired of us capsuleers breaking into their backyard and trampling over their flower patch, so now they bring the fight to us.

They used to be in the amarr captains quarters :slight_smile:

They were a bit smaller, of course…


Having the event happen in Abyssal space would be a good way to boost filament prices a bit.

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I hope the new event is not centred around completing the abyssal pockets, as lower-end pc’s cannot currently handle it/them, due to the huge amounts of visual and environmental effects in play.


Hope is lost, it’s confirmed an Abyss-only event.

@CCP_Dragon Can you please convince the Abyss team to re-enable the suspect flag at least during the event? Otherwise it would be the first nearly PvP-safe event in New Eden (except suicide ganking, you can avoid by running in obscure places, and not talking about).


LOL … that is why the suspect flag is removed. Pathetic.