The old Abyssal PvP 1v1 cruisers (Vote!) (Ideas) 🦜 More Abyssal content? Why not?


I just like to ask if we gonna ever get back the old 1v1 cruisers in the abyssal? Perhaps with a new 1v1 filament so we dont have to do t3 abyssal to get in just like the current abyssal pvp events.

I really really enjoyed it and would love if we get it back. Anyone else has any thoughts on this?

Would you like to have the old 1v1 cruisers abyssal pvp to return to the game?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

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Don’t get me wrong I love the new abyssal pvp events but I would love to have the old 1v1 cruisers back and have the new events be permanent not just limited time and make it so that I can queue in solo and put in with random people “matchmaking” that are also queued in solo so that I dont have to find on my own others to queue in with. Also more pvp types ex.: battleships. Perhaps even mining competitions "who can mine the most withing 20 min and fight of enemy’s while try to mine the most and have the loser drop the ores in the end or something like that. Maybe even racing abyssal… who can control the ship better make to the end while fighting enemy’s. Maybe even 40 player “raids” with bosses and mechanics that require strategy and planing with high rewards. Talking about rewards perhaps new and exacting rewards to each different filaments.

The possibilities are endless.


remove leaderboards and rewards, and then i’ll be okay with it.
also, this poll doesn’t belong in New Citizens Q&A.

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thank you and sorry I wasn’t sure where to put it ^^’

the way I look at abyssal pvp is: for me its like arena/battlegrounds from other MMOs

and the way I look at abyssal pve is: for me its like dungeons/raids form other MMOs

more variety in both pvp/pve would be absolutely amazing for the game in my opinion. remember if you dont like it you dont have to do it but why not have to option to chose? more content/chooses players have the better I think…

basically the game would not loss anything by adding more features to it… i know its a lot of work and easier said then done however I believe that CCP has the capacity to do so with some time

EvE Online is the BEST MMO ever existed in my opinion… this amizing game is unlike any other MMO
its unique, fun, challenging, beautiful, large and wonderful, exciting. I never had so much adrenaline rush from any other game then eve pvp. PvE never boring even mining can be very exacting and farming in this game doesn’t feel repetitive even after 1000s of times doing similar thing because of the other players that surrounding you which is rare to say at least

abyssal filaments in my opinion could use some more content in both PvP/PvE to make it even more fun

Please CCP add more content to the abyssal experience :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

this is a complex subject because a lot of things that you may not understand if you are a new guy in eve online
sandbox , instance , arena , real pvp… yada yada
my opinion is that the people who are against it are overestimating the impact it will have on the game
i think only few people would interact with this content , and it will have close to no impact on real pvp or in the sandbox overall

btw take the parrot of is annoying

this is why we need more players showcasing Eve Online on Youtube+Twitch to help new/existing players and to give them ideas on what they could do in eve…

it would be awesome if CCP hire YouTubers to make videos on how to do stuff and what options as a player you have in eve

there are a few youtubers and streamers but the problem is that they are not very popular like other MMO youtubers and streamers which is why I think CCP could actually pay people to make videos and stream to boost the overall content available to watch to increase EvE Online player base

yeaaa yeaaa
but your thought process is all that the old players hate about the idea :smiley:

why are old players hate to have more content and more new players?

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because we think (and with some reason) that eve is better than other mmos
we are better than a wow player
we play in a “serious” single shard sandbox with ■■■■■■■ consequences
not that other mmo kid stuff
ant that stupid arena is not real pvp, real pvp is in the sandbox yada yada
the problem IMHO is that our Húbris prevent us to see that most of the “L33T ultra cool” eve players will not do arena not because they are above it but because they are a bunch of chicken shits used to easy f1 / gank/refund ship programs etc… pvp and would not risk a F cruiser , an this is like 95% of the game population and its hard to look at the naked truth
so at the end only a few % of the players will in fact enter the arena and rest will not even notice

like I said you dont have to do abyssal if you not interested… I see no harm by having them… it’s just an optional activity to do in-game just like any other optional activity… i dont like mining so I dont do them easy as that… if you dont like abyssal then dont do them but it doesn’t mean then get rid of them…

I just really miss the 1v1 cruiser abyssal pvp :cry: :sob:

yeah me to

I understand that it wasn’t a super popular feature but at least improve it in some ways instead of getting rid of it completely it would have been better choose I think… make it so that you dont have to do t3 abyssal to get to proving ground… I loved to make good isk by destroying pricey ships and the HUGE adrenaline rush I had every time I fight someone. I mean I was shaking most of the time from the adrenaline rush and my heart beat so fast I thought I may have a heart attack and I loved it. I really miss that experience so much. It’s better then any pvp in any other game I ever had. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck: :money_mouth_face:

i think is a nice pvp experience to , if you go cheap , you lose a lot , but you can score big, if you go bling you win a lot but you can lose BIG , good risk vs reward and very exiting

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also both sides have equal chances and dont have to worry about someone warping in and ruin your fun… you dont have to look at your directional scanner every second so you can 100% focus on the pvp itself and have time to loot without again worrying that someone may warp in as you looting… its basically a place where you and your opponent are reassured that it’s a FAIR pvp unlike any other pvp in eve

if you go to low/null/wh you are basically not guaranteed to have a fair 1v1 pvp with equal chances to win which is fine however I’d like to have the option to do 1v1 arena without disruptions with equal chances…

also in low/null/wh you wont get billios of isk worth of pvp content… 99.99% players that do pvp anywhere keep their ship,modules cheep cheep as possible which isn’t as fun…

yeah but don’t tell that to anyone because this is the other reason people don’t like the idea …
something about space bushido ■■■■ …

yes most pvp players like to do pvp unfair and keep their ship/modules as cheap as possible which is fine by me but then again why take 1v1 abyssal pvp away instead of improving for those who wish to have fair 1v1 arena for high risk high reward

yeah because we are pirates … rebels… want a fair fight kid? Go play hello kitty online

gank to win coward pirates

:laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

Pretty dishonest to say that.

Sandbox is better for new players than an arena and arenas remove content, not add it.