Abyssal Frigate 3v3

Hey guys, hey CCP,

So after going around EVE a little and asking around, a lot of players, including me, would love to see a 3v3 abyssal pvp feature released. This will probably bring more people into abyssal and co-op pvp is really frigging awesome.

Please consider,

Character 001

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No chance.

Abyssal PvP is a failure.

I mean what crack head thought that a PvP instance in a sandbox was good thing?
I mean what crack head thought that a PvP instance where you have to Q up using a PvE instance was a good thing?

It’s a joke, worse because the crack head also thought 1v1 was cool they had to nerf the sandbox PvP to compensate (ECM nerf).

You can PvP in null, wh low or factions?

@Nicolai_Serkanner where are you when we need you, where is your meme?

hahaha yeah abyssal PVP is not popular, but within the community, people love it. People also seemingly love the idea of a 3v3 frig pvp.

Then why not go to low, null or WH?

Why do you need a special area?

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