Abyssal Frigate, Destroyer, and Cruiser 1v1

I hope we get some 1v1 for cruiser or smaller ship types for abyssal pvp filaments. FFA cruisers turn into what it is in outer world pvp, which is ganging up on one person. It’s not the best player that wins, but the luckiest.

I also hope they aren’t allowing multiple people to be in queue together, so they can always win in terms of isk, and game the system; Such as 2v1v1 or 3v1v1, where 2 or 3 players are from the same corp and they just share the loot rewards. That sort of thing defeats the purpose of this content completely in terms of risk and reward.

Yes, please give us more 1v1 events, I’m waiting for such event to learn some pvp.


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