About abyss 2V2

CCP limit only T1 ships can into
so ccp wanna more players join
but why dont limit equipment and capsule?
2v2 already open 2days ,more players used costly equipment and capsule
if you fly T2 equipment ship and empty capsule
you 100% lose
so pls limit equipment and capsule
and open 1v1 abyss

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Why not have separate fitting tier filaments? Every next tier unlocks equivalent mods and under. Drugs and implants are still major wildcards

I had proposed extensive restrictions on PVP Arenas. Here are the restrictions I proposed and why:

CSM Mike Azariah liked my recommendations:

TLDR: PVP Arenas should be restricted to force players to seek higher end content in the open world (ships + bling) instead of instances

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I gotta agree with this one! :smiley:

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I think it would be more of a testament of skill if both parties used the weakest equipment, t1 only of course and only a null pod clone allowed.

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I saw a streamer kill a full snake set pod yesterday, which is amazing, not because he found a person using a full snake set, that the person left it in before they shot the pod.
I am not sure being able to pull all of your implants out at the last second was how this was intended. But that is exactly what people are doing.

@Scoots_Choco mate. You should see this.

CCP said they’d look into equipment restrictions as part of the dev blog.

But the more restrictions they have, the more categories they need. We’ve already had another thread where they want alpha only filaments.

So what does that look like?:

  • Alpha 2v2 T1 cruisers no restrictions.
  • Alpha 2v2 T1 cruisers and upto T2 equipment with implants.
  • Alpha 2v2 T1 cruisers and upto T2 equipment and no implants.
  • Omega 2v2 T1 cruisers and no restrictions.
  • Omega 2v2 T1 cruisers and upto T2 equipment with implants.
  • Omega 2v2 T1 cruisers and upto T2 equipment and no implants.

And does each one need it’s own leaderboard?

With every restriction you are reducing the pool of players you can face, and then if you throw match making into the mix as well (which you inevitably will) and then SP limits (which you inevitably will) you’re only going to be encountering a tiny amount of the arena players at a time. You’re gonna need 10 different filaments for each category of arena.

Or, admit that the arenas are not about new player friendly pvp. They remove options for pvp. Force homogeneous fits and bling. They don’t teach people how to pvp in the sandbox.

And you’re all full of crap…


I was under the impression these arenas were all about e-peen waving, so being bling to win seems to fit that


yes this plz

Just trashed all the filaments for this shyte I got as login rewards.

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CCP sure did give us a lot of them!!

I am all for that, bring back the old proving ground

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Yes we need more restrictions. I want to be the best Omega 2v2 T1 Caldari logistics cruiser with T1 equipment, T2 boosters and no implants. Preferably fighting only in the 2-4 years old character age bracket.

(But seriously, more restictions won’t solve any problems guys. Quit asking for it.)

This is the progression of instanced PvP.

Go in, lose, ask for restrictions, game nerfed, go in lose, ask for restrictions, game nerfed…

Nothing can change the fact that the reason these people want instanced PvP is they are pixel afraid of dying and they think this will give them an advantage.

It’s what we used to call Consolation Class, the losers from regular PvP.


Yep. Either the instance has no restrictions at all and people complain that fights are ‘unfair’, or you get all types of restrictions and people complain that the top tier ships of their restricted part of the game are the top tier ships.

And they think that more restrictions could solve that problem? No, it merely creates more brackets and therefore more top tier ships for their respective brackets, while at the same time spreading the population thin between even more separate instances.

I say throw them all in one big instance without rules: the EVE universe.


i agree
the thing already suck ,restrictions just make it suck harder
and its the old fallacy , “if its fair i would do it” , no ,you are a care bear , you don’t

btw im checking who entered the instanced pvp that all people would LOVE and you know what MOST of the idiots talking about it in this forum never put their pretty feets inside one
im getting more bitter every day
stop it plz

just to end on a more positive note
i used to play HOTS , in the old days there were no restrictions
lots of OP but nice and creative comps , them some IDIOT asked for restrictions because the game was not fair …
and pufff just like that all the teams are the same
now the game is DEAD :smiley: