Module restriction change for 2v2v2v2 T1 Destroyer Proving Grounds

Hi everyone,

The current 2v2v2v2 T1 Destroyer Proving Grounds event is allowing ships fit with modules up to Meta 5 to enter the event, which does not match the original intent. We have decided that the best way to respond to this bug is to adjust the event to allow meta 5 modules so that the official rules match the mechanics enforced by the game. This means that for the rest of the weekend the ingame text for this event will incorrectly describe a meta 4 module restriction.

Players are legally be able to enter this Proving Grounds event with modules up to meta 5 (Tech II).

Unfortunately we’re unable to update the information shown in-game without patching the client, and as this event only runs until Monday it will not be practical to make that change.


While I do not do Proving Grounds, I appreciate CCP’s prompt recognition of the issue and a reasonable resolution to it given the limitations of the game client. Thanks for getting this information circulated quickly.


Can I suggest proof reading your posts prior to posting them… or ask someone else to, to be sure to be sure :wink:


Hey, it wasn’t just proof reading they needed - it was content testing.

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Fixed, fixed, thank you. :slight_smile:


Can I bring my drake?


So this round it took six wins to get into the top 100. Once again this shows that barely anyone is doing this. So isnt it time to punt?

I think not, this has always been the case with events that require multiple pilots in a team. 1v1 and free for all seems to be much more popular

sure the 1v1 are more popular - it wouldnt be hard to be more popular then the current iteration, but they are still represent a tiny portion of the eve playerbase. Spending dev time on a handful of players and their alts is not a wise investment.

I would bet that keeping the arenas running takes minimal dev time.
Have you considered how much destruction is going on within the arena? I loose or kill 3 times as many ships doing arenas than I can in the same amount of time roaming low sec. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is also a consideration for the devs.

What if, right, the portions were all tiny. If only handfuls of people played various parts?

How would you cater to that audience?

How much destruction? The top guy in the current bout had something like 96 wins. With the bottom guy having 6 wins. So you are talking about a handful of desys and fits being destroyed. Hell they limit fits so you can’t even bling it out. Hence this is probably a blip on the economy.

Good question. I had a look at the figures that I could easily find. My best guess is over 5500 destroyers destroyed at 15 - 20mill per fit. So around 100B in killmails.

The blips in the medium meta 4 weapons in late September are visible in the market graphs.

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