Problem with Yoiul T1 Cruiser FFA Proving Grounds

“Pilots equipped with modules or implants with a meta level higher than 0 (basic Tech 1 modules) will not be able to enter this proving ground.”

Every pilot I faced was using T2 modules. Of course I didn’t realize this until after reviewing zkill later, or I would have been too. It was fun, but I’m disappointed I was playing with a 20% handicap due to the misdirection. Was there somewhere I was supposed to receive a memo that this was glitched or that the text was a typo?

Nothing to do about it now, just trying to understand…


You were supposed to read the news article:

Fittings restricted to Meta 5 (base tech 2 modules/drones only)

Because CCP.


Oh well… Thanks Zhalyd.

You weren’t the only one caught out by this. There seems to have been a mix up.

I had 40 t1 fitted cruisers ready to go - instead of using them I ended up buying all my fits in Jita.

We could arrange a public fleet roam for all the t1 cruisers people set up for it!

To revive this topic again for added humor and entertainment.

Currently, there the 1v1 BS event is running. The filament specifically says

Sensor Dampener and Weapon Disruptor Range Scripts, Shield Boost Amplifiers, Shield Rechargers, Shield Power Relays, Shield Flux Coils, or Core Defense Field Purgers are banned in this proving ground format.

And yet, you get this:

And people really wonder why other people are angry at CCP’s disastrous development quality. :joy: :rofl:



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