Proving Ground fits?

I tried the proving grounds for the first time during the Gala Guardians event, the 1v1 T1 Destroyers.

Got my butt handed to me each time! :sleepy:

Talwar, Corax, Dragoon.
Rockets, missiles, drones.
Shield tank, armor tank.
Didn’t matter.

I have level 4 or 5 on all skills related to those ships and yet it wasn’t even close most of the time.

So…now the event is over, can someone post their “winning” fit?

Very curious to see where I was lacking.


Well as another loser (four in a row before I said “enough.”) I’m pretty sure it’s microwarp drive over afterburner, for sure. It was definitely rock/paper/scissors. I had fingered out a decent Talwar speedster to get them at 71 km, but SURPRISE, a missile range disruptor did me in.

On my first one I ended up being finished off by the edge of the arena. I would have died probably died anyway, but that sucked.

But I’m glad I did it. It was fun and great practice.

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It was interesting for sure.

But just amazed how hard it was for simple T1 destroyers with all the limitations they put on too.

At the very least, by the law of averages I should have had at least one kill.

That’s why I’m asking to see some example winning fits.

Was everyone tanked more than I was?
Was everyone invested in weapons enhancers more than I was?
Was everyone using high end implants and pumped up on synths?

T1 destroyers are cheap enough. But even so, I’m not going to feed the game dozens of ships without some idea what went wrong.

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the people that are in the lead are usually using drugs, I doubt implants though (of course it’s not out of the realm of possibility). It’s amazing how much of an upperhand you get from drugs.

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