Proving Ground Could Be Less Unforgiving

Look. I’m not a complete noob. I know that, normally, PvP in EvE is as unforgiving as it gets. You float around in a capsule for a few seconds, then that blows up, and your clone gets activated. That’s how EvE works.

But it doesn’t have to work that way in Proving Grounds. They could be just that… Proving Grounds. For testing PvP builds. Or new tactics. Or new fleets or new friends. But a test that doesn’t mean new augs / chips / ships.

You’ll get more nubs that way.


But testing fits or tactics is not the point of proving grounds. It is purely to be number 1 on the killboard. If you are not loosing the ship or your pod what is the point? I will have no issue then to go into it with 10bill pod if it did not get podded.

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