Proving of Kybernauts for Glorification in the Flow Unfolds


We have just released a dev blog with information about the all-new Proving Grounds that will be arriving in New Eden with EVE’s third quadrant of this year!



nice, good change, can’t wait

:red_circle: Nice. Even more instancing. Exactly what we need.


instanciated pve is bad, instanciated pvp is good?

you opening pandora box with ranking.
inb4 inbalance cry salty tears…just saying.


please keep the old proving gate at the end of tier 3+ sites, and what will be between these events?


@Zhalyd_Lyehin wins the prize for being first salty crybaby complaining about a thing that will never impact his gameplay! congrats!


Can’t wait for the Dessie stage, been wanting to whelp my extra Algos out there.

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:red_circle: @Scoots_Choco wins the price for talking the most dumb stuff on a forum. Not impact my gameplay? In contrast to you I undock and fight other people. Fighting other people in one space is what EVE is about. Removing people so that one space so that they can fight on their own without me being able to interfere is not what EVE touts itself to be.


The new EVE

  1. Undock in high sec
  2. Queue for instanced PvP
  3. Have fake PvP battle
  4. Dock in high sec

Why roam? Why play EVE at all?

Pretty much EVE is no longer a sandbox MMO.




… 5: And if you roam and don’t like the situation; Light a Needlejack and peace out.

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Interesting Dev Blog. So now there’s instanced sites for PvP.

July 31-August 2: Five Player Destroyer Free For All

Is this some sort of Demolition Derby, sorta like a Mad Max Thunderdome set-up where 5 ships enter and 1 ship leaves?


Anyway, good luck and much success to all who enter these new Proving Grounds.

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So let’s mark this date: June 29, 2020, the day that CCP added arenas to EVE Online.

Not that we can’t see that this isn’t a veiled attempt to continue nerfing nonconsensual PvP into oblivion, but I still want to outline a very particular reason for why this is a stillborn idea right out the gate: the hardest of the PvP hardmen who would, in theory, be the only patrons of this feature won’t take advantage of it because they don’t want to screw up their 50:1 KDR on zKill.

There’s like what, a dozen people who use this today? And half of them are streamers?

The average EVE player (read: high-sec miner or mission runner) is not going to rub on your magic filament lotion to get whimsied away to a random murderhole where they lose their mission boat to a twink.

This will not turn into your e-sport. Just stop, please, it’s fine as is. Rework wars and bounty-hunting instead.


Adding instanced gameplay to the sandbox doesn’t remove the sandbox aspect of the MMO. The rest of the game is fine. If you only want to engage in the sandbox aspect, keep doing so? No one is forcing you to engage in this pvp content.


For those wondering what the triangles say:


Naïve or wrong? You were proven wrong 20 years ago when UO Renaissance was released and it killed the sandbox in UO.

Anyway, I kind of figured when the blackout was canceled that the WoW Killer WannaBee Devs had won and the sandbox was done, this is the confirmation.

5 subs ended.


:red_circle: “unfit noemata praxes within the flow of vycrap shall be mortified” … :joy: People hiding from other people wanting to engage with them are called fit for the flow. What a joke. What a hilarious joke.

“shall be glorified” huh
i thought the Triglavians weren’t too friendly towards us, but it looks like they’re willing to praise us when we best ourselves in combat? i wonder what purpose they have for that. :thinking:

i guess they’re more welcoming of us since some of us have shown our willingness to help the triglavians with their invasion… interesting…

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you won’t be missed! o7