Proving Grounds? What is the status of them?

It takes me wonder what is the current status of the Proving grounds? I heard there were plans to return them in January this year, but it seems to have gotten lost at CCP somehow?
I do not think it was intended to stop them, because then I am sure CCP would have removed the leaderboard and the filaments form the game too.

I loved them and I wanna see them back. CCPlz bring them back!


Maybe I can give a little background story what happened:

In December 2023, one week before Xmas, CCP deployed this build to SISI: Hoboleaks: Singularity_Previous (Build: 2448204) to Singularity_Next (Build: 2454901)

This contains two Proving ground events, as well as reward skins for a variety of Navy ships, and the Mamba and Aligator too! What then happened, ppl got really excited about the return of them. It did not take long to pop up on Reddit and the Abyssal Lurker Discord. It seemed like a lot of ppl were very happy that they return. I even did a giveaway event togheter with the Winter Nexus to celebrate their return.
But the excitement did not last long at all. One day later, it already got removed from SISI again. Then at the start of the new year, there was a quick announcement in the Abyssal Lurker Discord from CCP, saying that the PG gets delayed a little and that it looked like the last week of January for the Destroyer 1v1. After that, we never heard anything anymore and the PG did not take place at all.
All these ppl that got excited about them are now even more dissapointed than before when they stopped them without any proper announcement.

Honestly I do not get why CCP did that. I mean if they are not ready or so, why then even deploy them on SISI where everyone can see it through Hoboleaks. And why then engaging actively with the community on Reddit and Discord about them if they do not take place at all? This just makes ppl feel even more disappointed.

As there were new skins (Including Mamba and Aligator) there must have been time spent on them between Havoc Expansion and Xmas, you cannot tell that these glory skins were created before.

I even made a video about the PG for those that do not know what they are:

CCPlz bring them back


i enjoyed watching the PG streams on twitch.

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I would very much love to see the return of Proving Grounds - some of the funnest weekends of Eve, and far and away the best Twitch content!

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Shelved and 99% won’t come back.

People abused the queue system with alts.

Vast majority didn’t even take part or know about it.

I guess CCP just saw the little interest and gave up hosting them? I had fun in the t1s myself getting on KMs lol.

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From what I have seen of Trig space is that hardly any one uses Trig space. Other than using Trig space to return to High Sec after Needlejacking into Null, Trig space is empty.

If you were anti-trig you’ll have a nasty standing to trigs and can’t use the trig loop.

The battle against/for the Trigs was fun.

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I was hyped when I heard they were coming back sadly it never happened. I’ve not really played since then, nothing else really holds my interest anymore.


Exactly, where is the arena. It’s all good that I’m the champion forever but… I would like to do some non-blob pvp again. This has been some longass pvp vacation!

The first excuse was FW - which changed nothing, is the same old as it was before = it’s like spend 10 hours to get 1 decent fight - I wouldn’t spend that in in 2003 as a kid, that’s just ridiculous.

Second excuse would probably be working on Equinox, which looks cool I guess but like, it’s still nullsec, blob stuff and some new buildings, for most ppl, especially for PVP focused players it’s like “who cares dude”. I’m not going to join some nullblock now, just to be sitting in some fleet and then push F1 few times.

Where is good pvp ? Arena was only actually exciting thing that didn’t take half a day to get fight and was only type of content that’s great to watch on twitch. AND it cost barely any effort to get going.

It’s just beyond me what genius decided to kill it…

And don’t get me started on how they “couldn’t provide good rewards” and we are getting 5000PLEX handed out all the time on fu… alpha testing of Vanguard which is not going anywhere. Trying to compete in FPS genre is pretty absurd.


It was abused by the vets and multi boxers lolol

There is no system to weed out the multiboxers.

@CCP_Kestrel @CCP_Swift @CCP_Fozzie

Can we please get an update? What happened with that destroyer 1v1 scheduled earlier this year?
Would be appreciated

We all want to know that, if you are in the abyssal lurker discord and check the abyssal pvp channel out there you find a lot of ppl that want to know that.

Regardless what the intention was behind all that, but:

  1. Putting stuff on SISI many ppl were waiting for
  2. Engaging actively on Reddit and Discord for several days
  3. Then removing all agian without any announcement

is not a cool thing. All these players that got excited about that, after waiting for the return of the PG for over a year are now even more dissapointed. Some players even prepared ships for these two events that were supposed to take place in January.

It is not cool what happened in January. I mean, it would have been ok if there would have been some sort of a forum post here in the announcement section or a devblog whatever, but this is not ok.
I cannot imagine that the plan was to completely get rid of them, as then they would not have created new skins for ships that got added in the Havoc expansion that were supposed to come from the proving grounds. I am sure that there was time spent on them in November/December after the Havoc expansion came live.
As I said earlier, all we got was some sort of “The destroyer 1v1 arena gets delayed a little, that it looked like the last week of January for it” and that was the last thing we heard from CCP.

The Proving Grounds events are on an indefinite hiatus. We appreciate that there are a set of fans who really enjoy them (we do, too!), however as we shifted over to the expansion release schedule that has taken the entirety of our focus.

Any future updates regarding the Proving Grounds will come in the form of an official news item; I would warn against trying to glean information from any updates picked up on a testing server, like from Hoboleaks, without any official announcements.

I know it’s not the answer you were hoping for, but I appreciate your understanding.


Thank you for the update, we appreciate this.

When it comes to that, putting stuff on SISI is one thing. But when CCP employees are actively talking to the community multiple times on multiple different plattforms, then this becomes a whole different thing. I know, Stuff on SISI should not be taken as final and anything there is subject to change. What I want to point out is that after these Proving Ground assets were deployed on Singularity, a dev started to interact with the community on Reddit and in the Abyssal Lurker Discord. But lets start from the begin. In October someone posted this on Reddit:
A comment from CCP Kestel stating that he can take over the PG and work on them (which was in October 2023). After this, in December, there was that SISI Build which was linked in a post above and in a specific thread in the Assembly Hall Forum. It did not take long and then someone made that reddit post that was also mentioned in that thread & here. On the following screenshots you find where CCP interacted with the community about the Proving Grounds. The way how he interacted there showed how precisely these events were planned. Both are from the Reddit post.

Here is one example where CCP Kestrel answered questions regarding the two events that were put on SISI at the end of last year. The original comment was somehow deleted, but his answer is still there. He also talked about Drugs there.

There is another thing about Cerebral accelerator.

And here another one captured from the Abyssal Lurker Discord, cannot find the original comment anymore though, but stating that the dates on SISI were wrong. Another indicator how well that was planned and worked on.

Then the Reddit thread slowly died out and at the Begin of 2024 there was the following in the Abyssal Lurker Discord:

Here he mentions that the PG gets delayed. This was also the last time we heard anything related to the arena. After that there was never an update again about the Proving Grounds. I also included some more comments there to show how excited players got from this.

All this, togheter with the deployment of the 2 events to SISI at the end of December let players think that it was really coming back in Q1 2024. And then it seemed to have vanished without any announcement at all. I know that all that was not an official announcement, but the thing is, and it has been said here and some other reddit posts over and over again. If CCP employees are actively engaging with the community about a feature that has been put to SISI, then players believe it is really a thing and really going to happen, and even more when it is something players asked for a longer period of time. And now that it has appearently vanished again without any statement or whatever, players that were looking forward for their return are now even more dissappointed than before.
I do not complain on anything here. I understand that the expansion stuff needs ressources and Dev Time. But what I and many more don’t understand was what exactly happened in Q4 2023. Like why did all that happen, why did CCP Kestrel actively engage with the community about the stuff put on SISI and why did it not happen at all and why was there no statement on that and so on. All that reinforced the excitement about the “return” of the proving grounds and let players feel more assured that the stuff on that SISI build was real and well planned out.
I also recommend checking out Gustav’s post in the assembly hall forum here: Proving Grounds again abandonned after deploying two new events and 23 new Reward Skins on SISI (SISI build 2454901)
I don’t know if the CSM has already seen that and brought it to CCP, but it describes what was the case in Q4 2023. I actively follow the discussions related to Proving Grounds on various plattforms (Here on the Forums, Discord, Reddit and more). It looks like the intensity of the request to bring these back has slightly increased in the past few weeks, probably related to the upcoming Summer Event by Gustav Mannfred. But also keep in mind that Gustav also wants the old arena back, which used to be a 2nd gate in the abyss if I remember correctly.

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What CCP is hearing is “stop talking about things we’re looking into because dumdums will demand it actually happens” and “you know what, best not to interact at all and stay silent because there’s always a moron who will find a post from 3 years ago and now be entitled about it”.

gg well done.

Next you’ll go “why don’t the Devs talk to us”.

I do understand your excitement for the Proving Grounds. You mention that CCP Kestrel gave the Abyssal Lurkers community an update, and to be fair he did add not one, but two caveats that things may not work as planned.

This was also addressed in the Director’s letter, and I did answer a few people from the community as well. You know Gustav very well and he can attest to the fact that I told him directly on multiple occasions that the proving grounds were on an indefinite hiatus, as announced in the director’s letter.

Devs at CCP share a huge passion for EVE, and part of what makes the game unique is that we’re able to have a close connection to our players. As a player, this was always my favorite part of the CCP-Player relationship, and as a developer I can attest to the fact that interacting with players is one of the best perks! I’m sorry that an interaction like this didn’t sit well with you, but - despite our best 90%'s - sometimes the 10% does win out.

Thanks for understanding!


My guy you got your response…

Look at the PG from an objective POV.

  • No system to weed out multiboxers. (Queue all 10+ alts at the same time and boom you may/may not have 2 chars in an FFA)
  • No skill-based match making system.
  • Highly variable queue times also.
  • Small community.
  • High upkeep cost (someone has to maintain the events)

It didn’t take off beyond the abyssal/pvp community who already did PVP despite it running for a long time. Even if CCP gave extra ISK to partly pay for larger ships! It just did not achieve broad appeal within the community… I loved the PG also but I know the pitfalls of it. Enjoyed the FFA cruiser events myself.