Proving Grounds again abandonned after deploying two new events and 23 new Reward Skins on SISI (SISI build 2454901)

As the title says it, in December, on December 19 2023, CCP deployed a new SISI build that you can find here: Hoboleaks: Singularity_Previous (Build: 2448204) to Singularity_Next (Build: 2454901)

When you look at the new items, you will find that CCP added 23 new abyssal glory skins that players earned that got into the top 100 of a leaderboard. These include skins for the Mamba and Alligator, that were added with the Havoc expansion. This indicates that the art team made them somewhere between the Havoc Expansion and X-mas.
But thats not all, that build also included 2 new abyssal arena formats, a destroyer 1v1 and frigate ffa, supposed to take place in January this year. Dates are in the build above.

What happened afterwards, many players that were waiting for nearly a year for the arena to return got really excited. There was also a reddit post about them too. Here is the post and CCP interacted with the community too, its uner a deleted post: Reddit - Dive into anything

CCP also interacted with the community on the Abyssal Lurker Discord about them. This lead to even more excitement about their return.

But what happened after that is really bad: There was a last comment about them in the Abyssal Lurker Discord, saying it got delayed to the last week of January, after that we never heard anything new about them and the events sill have not taken place till today. That is in my opinion not acceptable what happened then. If you put something to SISI, engage with the community about it then they expect it to take place and not to silently vanish, leaving behind all these people looking forward to it even more dissapointed.

So plz, what is up with the two events? Can we expect them to take place at some point and, seriously, why did they vanish without any announcement? Is something like that really good for the game?


It reads as if CCP changed its mind.

No doubt, you found that disappointing.

I don’t think it’s obliged to give a reason or explanation.

Perhaps you can put all this behind you now, and look to the here and now.

But I still don’t get why does the art team spend time on making 23 new skins?
Why do they plan 2 events so detailed to just abandon them again?
I don’t get that, makes no sense to me.

Here you find a more precise writedown on the events happened in Q4 2023: