[Completed] [Summer 2024 Event Part 1] Celebrating 4 Years Request To Bring Back Old Arena! - Win over 25B worth of stuff

On July 14, the Request to bring back the old arena, which was available through a 2nd gate in the last room of a Tier 3+ Abyssal turns 4! Lets celebrate this.

This year the schedule of the event is a little different than in past years, as this year it is supported by the Caldari State. The “Main” part of the event takes place from August 17 to September 15. But July 14 is a very important date when it comes to remembering the old arena. Therefore I have something planned for that date that will be looked into this thread. The details of the main event will be published in a later forum post when the date comes closer.


July 14, 11:00 - 16:00 Evetime: Old Arena memorial with the Deathless Circle
Prizes (live):

  • 10x Alligator
  • 10x Khizriel
  • 10x Astero Scope Syndication Skins

Prizes (passive):

  • 5x Alligator
  • 5x Khizriel
  • 5x Astero Scops Syndication Skins

The content will be Lowsec PVP and maybe some ESS/Skyhooh stuff

Passive Track (July 12 - 15)

How to participate:

  • The event takes place live on my Twitch: Twitch
  • The passive track takes place on a google form document that will be published later


  • Q: I don’t like the idea of bringing back the old arena, can I still participate?

  • A: Yes! It does not alter your chances of winning

  • Q: Do I have a better chance to win if I follow your channel or subscribe to it?

  • A: No, everyone will have the same chance to win, regardless of patreonage, this is a rule by CCP.

More information about old arena:

Old Arena Forum posts:

Proving Ground Forum Post:

My Discord: Polarized Wormhole Exploration


That is a very nice initiative!


Just a heads up: On Sunday during the event, there will be Twitch drops on for SKINR design elements, make sure to link your Twitch Account with your EVE Account to also collect these rewards in addition to the possible raffle prizes!

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The passive Track is live now!

From Now to Monday at DT. Friday DT to Monday DT, what does this remind you of?

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The prizes of the passive track have been sent out. Thanks for participating

Part 2 of the summer event will start on August 17. More Information coming soon