[Completed] [Summer 2022 event] Celebrating 2 years request to bring back old arena - 180B in prizes! (July 14 - August 14)

Hi everyone

On July 14 2022, the request to bring the old arena back becomes 2 years old, thats what we want to celebrate! This year, the celebration will be focused on the Amarr Empire and the Amarr foundation day, meaning most prizes will be Amarr ships!
In the picture above, you find all the dates of the giveaways and the prizes. Total value of all prizes is around 180B isk (including scope skin values). Based on feedback from last year, I gonna include a passive track, meaning that you can also participate if you cannot make it to the scheduled live streams. This will happen throught Google forms. There is one thing to mention: As we do not know the dates for the Proving grounds for the Liberation day and Foundation day, these dates are subjected to change, I will keep this thread updated.

Lets explain the 3 live events in more detail:

  1. Liberation Games Scope skin extravaganza - inverse edition (Minmatar skins, and Amarr ships)
  1. From the Old Arena with Love
  1. Amarr Foundation Day Scope skin extravaganza - grand finale!

Dates for the scope skin giveaways (links TBD):

How to participate?

The live events take place on my Twitch channel. The raffles will be executed throught the moobot raffle service, you have to type !raffle in the chat when a raffle is live to enter in the giveaway.

The Google forms raffles take place throught Google forms, the links will be posted when the raffles go live. You then click this link and enter your character name, these names then appear on a list and I will be using a random number generator to pick the winners.
A word of warning: I know that such raffles attract alt owners to bring in a lot of alts, I reserve the right to partially check characters entered in these raffles and redraw if I suspect a throwaway alt.


Q: I don’t like the idea of bringing back the old arena, can I still participate?
A: Yes! It does not alter your chances of winning

Q: Do I have a better chance to win if I follow your channel or subscribe to it?
A: No, everyone will have the same chance to win, regardless of patreonage, this is a rule by CCP.

Q: Where do I find more out about the old Abyssal Arena?
A: In the post of last years thread [Completed] The request turns 1 - win up to 80B worth of stuff - #5 by Gustav_Mannfred

and in these forum threads:

and I made a playlist on youtube with 8h+ of old arena videos!


So the format for the Liberation day has been announced: It will be a 1v1 Minmatar Cruiser arena
As there is another arena event taking place on July 23, the “from the old arena with love” part will be moved to July 30 instead.

The July Scope skin is for the Prowler

The event has started now, you can sign up for the Ferox Scope skin until July 19 DT here: https://forms.gle/BPhTWNw1yBBHKqte6

Links for the Liberation day passive track raffles are up now, they are running until Monday at DT, so they end the same time the proving ground event ends

The liberation day scope skin extravaganza is live now! Twitch

Winners for Liberation Day passive track are

Drekavac pack:

  • Jaruselka Thorne
  • railo
  • mc lovin
  • H1Jack3r Gr3y
  • Bregdan

Participants: 62

Absolution pack:

  • Shichika Tsukaya
  • Malango
  • dalton Mena
  • Mark Foley
  • Bolvie

Participants: 64

The winners for the Ferox Scope skin are:


Participants: 83

the missing contracts will be made as soon as I get the slots back, there is a limit of 21 active contracts.

You can now sign up for the Hecate Scope skin: https://forms.gle/qrxvisCZSja3uDEb7


Kestrel Scope skin raffle is up now: https://forms.gle/x4EtuoQGkuLoKacC8

Winners for the Hecate Scopeskin, please check your contracts :slight_smile:

Obelisk scope skin raffle: https://forms.gle/PAKj9fpUsSH5FhERA

Passive track for the Old arena event:
Old arena kit: https://forms.gle/1cvfME8HoFiygGuR6
Skins for Vedmak and Stratios: https://forms.gle/1YmrxostJWZzPuyc9

Winners for the Kestrel Scope skin:


check your contracts!

Dont forget: Today at DT a massive giveaway stream takes place!

The August scope skin will be for the Purifier


Winners for Vedmak/Stratios Skin (top) and Old arena Kit (botton)

You can now register for the Venture Scope skin: https://forms.gle/EvSdfKt3BWGAzrqs7

Winners for the Obelisk skin, please check your contracts.

Another update to the schedule: The final Giveaway stream on Sunday will take place on CCP’s Twitch channel! Twitch


Raffles for Leshak + Abaddon scope skin are Up: https://forms.gle/vE2MYPkR9ppGrCcE6

I changed prizes a bit: You get Leshak + Abaddon skin from the passive raffle
From the Active raffles you get Paladin and Purifier skin, and the last Paladin will come with another Abaddon skin too.
Aeon BPO will be raffled with Aeon skin too

The last raffle of this event is up now: https://forms.gle/Zyk5a56ZVsrsLzY38
For the Prowler scope skin.

Winners from the Amarr Foundation day Passive track and Venture scope skin:

Winners of the Prowler Scope skin:

Thank you all for participating in this years Summer event. Next year, the Gallente Federation invites you for the celebration of 3 years request to bring the old arena back! Stay tuned for more information in Q2 2023!

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There are several unclaimed prizes, if you won one of these, but did not claim it yet, you have time until Sunday, September 18 to send me a EVEmail, otherwhise these prizes will be used for future giveaways

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