[Completed] The request turns 1 - win up to 80B worth of stuff

Hi everyone!
I am doing another giveaway event just like I did with the proving ground memories last December. This time the event is bigger and longer than ever before! You can win up to 80B worth of stuff. Yes, 80 Billion ISK!
I try out a format that has not yet been seen for such events. This event will ramp up over time, meaning you can win bigger prizes the longer the event durates.
The topic of this event is once again the old arena, or better to say the request to bring it back. It also features the Minmatar liberation day.
On July 14, 2020 the old arena got removed and the request to bring it back immediately started to emerge. While at the begin only in the Devblog post, it slowly started to spread out on to Reddit, the rest of the forums, the CSM and various player run discords and streams (mine included!). If you look at the schedule above, you also notice something that was seen in the invasions that were a thing at this time last year.
You might remember the champions of the Abyss tournament run by Torvald Uruz in April 2020. I once wanted to do the same in October 2020, but I was not able because the old arena was not in game anymore by then. Most of the prizes you can win were originally planned for this event and I still have them in a container in Jita.

But lets explain everything in more detail:

  • All events take place on my Twitch stream
  • There are two highlights: The minmatar liberation day and the old arena remember party, both matching with CCP run proving ground events.
    The winners will be drawn using the Mobot raffle tool

Now the single events:

1. Stellar reconaissance: Friday, July 9, from 11:00 - 15:30
I will be playing some of my old arena vods on twitch and you can win the following prizes:

  • Kikimora
  • Garmur
  • Hawk
  • Enyo
  • Sentinel
  • Worm
  • 100 PLEX
  • 2 July scope syndication skins

2. First liminality: Thursday, July 15, from 11:00 - 15:30
Again, vods of old arena streams from 2019, prizes are

  • 2 Kikimoras
  • 2 Garmurs
  • 2 Hawks
  • 2 Enyos
  • 2 Sentinels
  • 2 Worms
  • 200 PLEX
  • 3 July scope skins
  • Pacifier

3. Minmatar Liberation day weekend scope skin extravaganza: July 16-19, from 11:00 - 15:30
I will be doing the Rifter FFA and giving away a ton of scope syndication skins. The best thing is, you can always chose which one you want, meaning it is a great opportunity to complete the skin set if you are missing some of them. You can select between Maller, Procurer and Megathron. First come first served. In addition to that, you can also select one of the following Minmatar ships:

  • 10 Wolf
  • 10 Jaguar
  • 10 Stiletto
  • 10 Claw
  • 4 Sabre

4. Second liminality: Friday, July 23 from 11:00 - 15:30
Another chill VOD of old arena action, now we go a tier up with the prizes!

  • Ikitursa
  • Orthrus
  • Cerberus
  • Deimos
  • Curse
  • Gila
  • 400 PLEX
  • Vargur

5. Final liminality: Friday, July 30 from 11:00 - 15:30
Alright, another VOD and now we double the second liminality prizes!

  • 2 Ikitursa + July scope skin
  • 2 Orthrus + July scope skin
  • 2 Cerberus + July scope skin
  • 2 Deimos + July scope skin
  • 2 Curse + July scope skin
  • 2 Gila + July scope skin
  • 800 PLEX + July scope skin
  • Paladin

6. Old arena remember party: Saturday, July 31 from 11:30 - 15:30
Were there! The proving ground opens again for the proving conduit throwback event! We will be getting a bit of old arena vibes and finishing the event with a lot of giveaways and explosions in the “almost old” arena.
And the prizes are worth to hang out, you can win the big brothers of the old arena classics!

  • 2 Leshak + July scope skin
  • Barghest + July scope skin
  • Golem + July scope skin
  • Kronos + July scope skin
  • Redeemer + July scope skin
  • 2 Rattlesnake + July scope skin
  • Secret ship as a grand prize* + July scope skin

CCP: All the scope skins and 1500 PLEX (Rewards from the partner program)

  • This ship is used by some NPCs in the abyss, and everyone hates them!

Update: The Vargur and Paladin remain in the pool and the Minmatar Liberation prizes were doubled, meaning that everyone who wins a scope skin can also get a Minmatar ship of his choice, first come first served!



Q: I don’t like the idea of bringing back the old arena, can I still participate?
A: Yes!

Q: Do I have a better chance to win if I follow your channel or subscribe to it?
A: No, everyone will have the same chance to win, regardless of patreonage, this is a rule by CCP.


Twitch: Twitch

Old arena posts on the forum:


If you want to contribute to this event, feel free to reach out to me!

how to enage in this event to win prizes? why theres no drekavac as reward?

The event takes place on my twitch stream here: Twitch
When a specific giveaway starts, I will set up a raffle. Then you have time to write a specific keyword in chat, like !raffle. Then I close the raffle and draw the winner.

As some ppl asked me, I add some information about the old arena in here. That is mainly interesting for ppl that don’t have experience with abyssal deadspace or started to play after July 14 2020.

The old arena was originally introduced with the Onslaught expansion in November 2018, you can read the devblog here: Abyssal Onslaught - New Content Coming To The Abyss! | EVE Online.
This arena was super fun and exiting to do, as you never know what will enter or if you will get a fight. This opened room for some interesting tactic like going in with cheap Cruiser to grab loot and hope no one shows up. Then in Summer 2019, there was a bug that made the gate only spawn for 1-2h per day. That drived a lot of ppl away from it and after it got fixed in September 2019, there werent that many players left. This bug was active for 4 months at least and was super annoying for USTZ players. And it was me that made CCP fix this bug by simply posting into the feedback thread from the August 2019 release fast enought to get attention from CCP.
From September 2019 to January 2020 there were on average 20 fights per day in the old arena, with a peak during the crimson harvest. It was not able to recover from the bug at all. Then in February 2020 there was a series of Ddos attacks on TQ which again drived players away from it. Not many players want to risk their 5b ships when there is a serious chance for a disconnect. After that the arena recovered back to the old 20 kills per day level until the Surgical strike patch in April 2020. This patch lowered the power of resistance modules and buffed shortrange T2 ammo. This made a lot of ships viable for the old arena. A common ship that was seen was the cheap Deimos. It was able to do 1500dps and only cost 300mil. This gave even cash poor players a chance to win in the arena.
There was also a champions of the abyss tournament held by Torvald Uruz and the skillers in the Abyss event which gave skillpoints for killing NPC’s (and possibly also for entering the arena, but not sure on that anymore). During that time, the activity increased massively. There were a few houndred kills per day during that time.
After these events activity went down again to a new low point in May 2020 and then it slowly started to increase again. Even after CCP released the devblog about the new arena and the removeal of the old one there were new players trying out the arena with cheap Deimoses and Orthrus etc. You can find the devblog about the new arenas here: https://www.eveonline.com/news/view/proving-of-kybernauts-for-glorification-in-the-flow-unfolds

After the release of this Devblog on June 27 2020, the request was born (or better to say to keep the arena first). Me and almost all other ppl that enjoyed the old abyssal pvp brought the point up in the feedback thread and to the CSM that we wanted to keep the old arena as it was. And that the old arena and the new proving grounds should coexist togheter, just like the old and new map still coexist, or the POS and upwell structures. As both are complete different systems that have nothing to do with each other.

The request to bring it back then spread out all over the forum, reddit and varoius Discord servers and streams. There was also someone who sent an Evemail to over 150 players asking them to post in the forums, spread the word in their alliances etc. You can see the mail here:

After this mail, there was an influx of players that posted/liked these threads. And generally, I have the feeling that the amount of players that want the old arena back is increasing, but very slowly, this could be due to the problems the new arena had at the begin, like farming with your own alts or group events that have excessively long queue times.

And you may ask, why am I doing this event? The answer is simply: To celebrate one year of request to bring back the old arena. And you can imagine, if players send out mails to a lot of other players to raise their voice on that or bring it up to the CSM multiple times, then you can imagine that this is a topic that is very important for the community. Also, I should not forget to mention that we lost a whole community with the removeal of the old arena, many players that did the old arena left EVE shortly after the introduction of the events. It is also meant to remember these great days and to give a hommage to the Invasions that took place in Summer 2020 which lead to the fall of Niarja and introduced Pochven.

Ohh and before I forget: As all these activities take place in EUTZ and USTZ probably want to win something as well, I have decided to do a passive giveaway on Youtube in July. I will be picking 4 winners that each win an Ikitursa and a Kikimora. But to compensate I will most likely take out the Paladin and Vargur prize from the second and final liminality events.

Hey I also have one of thoose mails sitting around really excited it is coming back even though it is only a single day thing

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With the event slowly coming closer and the preparation for eve’s (probably) biggest giveaway event, I have picked the vod’s of my old streams for the giveaway Fridays (and one Thursday):

Recon: Vods from July/August 2019
1st Liminality: Vods from September/October 2019
2nd Liminality: Vods from November/December 2019
Final: Vods from January/February 2020
The scope extravaganza and old arena remember party will have live content obviously :slight_smile:

Note: Due to the DMCA problems twitch has at this point, I won’t be playing these videos with the original music and sounds, as none of them are DMCA safe.

Everyone is invited to join me on Twitch and remember these great times!

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The July scope skins will be the Raven scope syndication skin

more stuff about the old arena can be found here: Abyssal Proving Grounds: Remember Party! - INN

stellar recon is now live!

Winners are:

  • Kikimora: Alifie
  • Garmur - Bartolovic
  • Hawk - DiMTRX
  • Enyo - Bartolovic
  • Sentinel - Bokval
  • Worm - DiMTRX
  • 100 PLEX - Vangur
  • Raven skins - Maxiner

congratulations to everyone!

So, here is the video where 4 lucky winners win an Ikitursa and a Kikimora each

Tomorrow will be the first liminality phase and on Friday the Liberation day weekend starts with the Rifter FFA.

I add some information on that here on how you win the prizes:
When you win the draw, you choose one of the skins and then one of the Minmatar tech 2 ships listed above in the OP. It is first come first served. Each day will have 11 draws for a total of 44 draws for the entire weekend. There can be some slight fluctuation. The skins you can choose are the Maller, Procurer and Megathron. These are the partner skins from April, May and June. The Raven skin is reserved for the final liminality and remember party and therefore cannot be chosen as a prize.

First Liminality live now!

First Liminality Winners

  • 2 Kikimoras - Alifie
  • 2 Garmurs - Ulmo Aratar
  • 2 Hawks - Alifie
  • 2 Enyos - Grunt Kado
  • 2 Sentinels - Ieynas Kyra Makanen
  • 2 Worms - Hector Ruiz
  • 200 PLEX - Hector Ruiz
  • 3 July scope skins - Ieynas Kyra Makanen
  • Pacifier - Snakeboy987

Minmatar Liberation Day Weekend is live now!

Liberation Day 1 Winners are

- DiMTRX (won 3 times)
- Harknen
- Bokral (won twice)
- Malango
- Ieynas Kyra Makanen
- John Scoot
- Mark Foley
- Miter Borisdirty

Day 2 winners are:

- John Scoot (won twice)
- Nexium 2
- Atlas Rin (won twice)
- Feearless
- Ieynas Kyra Makanen
- Yiri Yovazi
- MC Iovin
- R3ddevil

Day 3 Winners:

- Tabs 27 (won 3 times)
- Kejane
- Atlas Rin
- Ieyanas Kyra Makanen
- John Scoot

  • Maik Estemaire

- Mark Foley (won twice)

Day 4 winners are:

- Kejane (won twice)
- Hector Ruiz (won 3 times)
- Tabs 27
- Nexium 2 (won twice)
- Dalvik Clead
- Maik Estemaire (won twice)

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Second Liminality live now!

Second Liminality winners:

  • Ikitursa: Maik Estemaire
  • Gila: Kejane
  • Cerberus: Hector Ruiz
  • Curse: Vangur
  • Deimos: Bokral
  • Orthrus: R3ddevil
  • 400 PLEX: Dianera Dragosha
  • Vargur: Assaulten Battery

Final liminality live now!

Winners are:

Ikitursa: Vangur
Gila: Mark Foley
Cerberus: Bokral
Curse: Miter Banisdirty
Deimos: King J Rat
Orthrus: Pretorius Mementos
PLEX: Van-Guy
Paladin: Van-Guy

Remember party live now!

So the event is over, thx for everyone who took part in it!
If you already wanna plan for the next event: July 14 to August 14 2022 will be the 2 year request event with a huge Amarr special in it!

I still hope that one day we will have the old arena back as a permanent feature!

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