Bring back old proving grounds

After watching a lot of videos from the arena we had before the current PG events, I must say that these look fun and I want to have it back!

Agree. Bring it back please.

Yes, do it.

This was a stupid idea limiting it to weekends and limiting it to a subset of players instead of all Abyssal runners. This alone made me quit for months!

I want to be able to do matches in Weekdays nights too!

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Watched The Stratios no one expects, man that wants me to see the old arena back!

i still wish for the arena to come back :frowning:

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there will be an event to celebrate 2 years request: [Summer 2022 event] Celebrating 2 years request to bring back old arena - 180B in prizes! (July 14 - August 14)

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Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night. Sweating.

The pod awaits me, in the Keepstar I sleep in. My ships, pristine but dusty, are stale in the hangar.

Not leaving the ground since two years, the brawl-fitted vagabond, and the various attack frigates, stare at my corpse, knowing the pod will not come in their hull anytime soon.

Yet, even I, the pilot, wish I was in those ships. The shivering while getting absorbed from a triglavian filament, sending my flesh and hull to a pocket of space we didn’t knew about some years ago. The fights, feeling passive and filled with boredom, follow eachother, one after the other, in a constant cycle of 15-20 minutes. Fly. Shoot. Gate. Repeat.

Like a subconscious mechanism, after the second gate warp, my eyes keep looking around the silent void, and desolate landscape that is the third room of the abyssal. Yet, only one gate remains. An origin conduit. This feels weird. It is as if, even though I knew the second conduit of the third room is gone, I would somewhat wish, and hold my breath once landing in the pocket, in hope to see the proving conduit gate be there, once more, just like at the start of the adventure.

Another day spent taking triglavian conduit gates, another day of wishing for a proving conduit gate. Another day of praying for its return. Another day for the brawl ships to stay in a hangar, desperate to see the light of the star hit their paintjob, heat their hull, and pre-heat their guns for a dogfight they will never see again.

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For those that started playing after the arena was removed: Twitch

Twitch VOD is gone after 2 weeks, so here I made a quick Video explaining what the old arena was (and remains on YT for more than 2 weeks): Eve Online What was the old arena like? - YouTube

Bring it back, more content!

EVE needs more content, this could be a step towards the right direction.

I never participated in the old arena, but the concept behind PVEVP sounds great.

Pouring one for the first concept of PvEvP in the game, and still the best executed.

A damn shame really, and an unnecessary one. They could have kept both :rage:

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It takes me wonder how the Abyssal filament restriction affect activity, would it still be high enought to make the 2nd gate spawn?

An idea that came to mind was, using the old arena as a way to sit out your suspect timers in .8 systems after completing a high tier filament.

Bring back the old arena, I think its a good idea and probably won’t affect the current PG filaments too much.

PS. Saw link to this thread in a YT video

If CCP does not want to continue the proving ground events, then the old arena should be returned

Some sort of an update regarding the arena events: Twitch

I agree, old arena needs to be returned to the game

4 months+, still no news regaring the PG filaments, so sad

Content where the “Final Boss” is another human being was pretty much unique in Eve. I never played the old abyssal proving grounds (I liked the PvE) but I can see why many people liked them and I would be happy to see them return.