Update on the Summer 2023 event

On August 8, I announced the above event on CCP Twitch channel. However, this year it seems like events are not taking place as expected, for example there will be no Guardians Gala this year, instead some sort of an Arc campaign in FW space. There were also no arenas in the past month.

With the above in mind, and some other stuff in RL and possibly something EVE related in early June, I cannot run this event as scheduled. There is on the one hand simply too much RL stuff going on until June 22 and if it happens, a lot of stuff will happen around me EVE related.

To honor the great times we had in the old arena, I will do a shorter version of this event this year, with a format that is independent of any Live events or Proving ground events. Also, the event will be much shorter and smaller compared to last year. I cannot give you the exact dates yet, but expect around mid to late July/early August, lasting for 1-2 weeks this.

I hope that in 2024, we have a more forseeable time regarding Live events and Proving grounds, so that I can organize an even bigger event.

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