Event Countdown: Since when was this here?

Went to EVE Online site today to try EVE Everywhere, noticed this:
Have anyone seen this before? I’m half hyped rn, lets hope they dont mess up this one.


I’ve never seen that before…

Was that message for Eve Online or for Eve Everywhere?

Guess that timer countdown is viewed as being 2 Days, 11 Hours, 15 Minutes, 31 Seconds…

that is when the current event is over, and looks like a new event is starting soon™ shortly after the other one is over… I noticed that myself when i was messing around with E.A.

They will announce a new SKIN for some ship or something unimportant.


Looking at past years. I’m only worried.


Or some reskinned ded or annom site that drops a previous ‘‘rare’’ or just bucket loads more skill points further trashing their IP & the in game economy.

I’d honestly wager cash on this.

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NFTs or Chinese New Years event. Bets?


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‘Guardians Gala’ (Angel / Serpentis) is usually the first event of the year active at the start of February, followed by ‘The Hunt’ (Guristas) in March.

However that countdown timer seems a bit early to advertise the Guardians Gala event, CCP probably has a new event planned to start the first Quadrant of the new year.

Hopefully it’ll pertain to Concord or a previous event, like the Stargate Construction event.

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Now i wish they announced a new SKIN or some ship. :frowning_face:

Thanks for the heads up, the impact was low on my end thanks to your post.


It is a shame no one took my wager, I’d like to have been rich.

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