Erroneous in-game notification on 28 Feb, 2023

Just before downtime today some players were able to see information about an upcoming in-game event, making it appear as though it has already started. The event is not actually slated for today, and the defect which displays this erroneous message has been fixed with today’s downtime.

We’re excited to bring you this event soon, and urge you to check out the latest New Eden News report to get a better understanding of what is going on, which may prove useful…


I had noticed instead of “so and so time till next dailies” the countdown timer was gone and it just said challenge complete. like it usually does before an abyssal pvp tournament begins.

But I didn’t see anything else before downtime. I’m guessing it was something in the agency (which I wasn’t using). Interesting. :wink:

You guys finally fixed something. Congratulations.


There’s an example of how the internet has turned this world into a rude, coarse garbage heap.

The internet has done nothing that anyone didn’t intend. Humans, not things, are responsible for whatever happens on earth.

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According to :

It states:

“Those of you that successfully complete the challenges and qualify for the mosaic will receive an email confirmation within a few days, but make sure you are subscribed to the email list to see it.”

What is the “email list” to which we are supposed to subscribe? There is no mention of this list elsewhere in the article.

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Who said I wasn’t talking about people? The net ain’t wires and boxes.

And you have no idea want people’s intentions were.

You right, I have no idea. Illuminate me, O ye master.

LOL :rofl: I need to go back to school and learn to read…

I misread this as “Erogenous in-game notification…” and for one fleeting moment, I thought Pearl Abyss had totally manipulated CCP beyond all reason.

Move along now, back to your spreadsheets everyone, nothing to see here.

They probably just mean make sure you’re getting the various e-mails you can opt in to in your account settings.

Do you get EVE mail from CCP every few days in your e-mail associated with your main account, IOW?

If not, you probably won’t be getting this confirmation mail they’re talking about with regards to the 20th anniversary mosaic. But… meh. Whatever.

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