So Where's the Email?

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So I’ve done the three challenges for the mural on multiple characters, some twice over.

Where’s this email I/we are supposed to get?
What “mailing list” is it that we’re supposed to be “subscribed” to, as stated in the dev-blog for the event?

(Aside: if whoever wrote that could, like, learn to words, that’d be appreciated by everyone, I’m sure.)

No, I’m not grinding that inane RNG-dependent ■■■■■■■■ again, screw that noise.


At this time, it’s virtual, just like the mural :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Or at least, it’s hidden.

And why active omega accounts have to jump through hoops to be eligible, beats me … It’s not exactly Eve Monument 2.0, is it.


I got the e-mail after I did 2 Mining Blitzes and 1 Skillers in the Abyss. The mail for me ended up in my “Promotions” folder in my inbox.

I received the email titled “Congratulations - You’ve Made History” after doing mining and shooting some belt rats, but no abyss. So, one does not have to do all three kinds of activity. Presumably, one could do just one type. Since I did a bunch of them in a row, I cannot tell whether the requirement is three in a row or just three total (with breaks in between). My guess would be three total though…

However, I have one email address for multiple accounts and again more than one character per account. I believe multiple of these characters should have qualified by now. However, I got just one email which read:

You are immortalized
EVE’s 20th Anniversary mosaic
You have woven yourself into the fabric of New Eden and completed the tasks asked of you. To honor your commitment, your character portrait will be a part of EVE Online’s anniversary mosaic, a monument to twenty years of the EVE community responsible for its legend, to be unveiled in May this year.
Congratulations capsuleer, EVE Online’s 20th anniversary has only just begun, but you’re already at the very heart of it.

As you can see, the name of the character / alt is not given, it just says “Capsuleer”. Since there has been only one email - good from the spam point of view - at this point in time I do not actually know which character(s) of mine will appear on the mosaic. I just know that at least one of them made it…



The marketing one, you have to opt-in for the sales spam to get that email, but getting the email isn’t a requirement its just a confirmation, if you’ve already done 3 tasks its not important

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My Question too. which Character will be on the Mosaic… also how do you activate the mailing list ! ?
CCP can you please shed some light

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The character you do the skilling stuff on is what will show up. If you wanted to, you can do it on all 3 characters to have them all show up.

What if there’s an uneven number of characters, and/or the number isn’t right for the total dimensions of the mosaic? Just as an example, let’s say there are 413 total characters, which is 13 more than what is needed for 20x20, but 7 less than what is needed for 20x21?

They will probably just scale it or use blank images where required to fill it out

I do not understand why there has been such radio silence from CCP on this event. Multiple people have asked questions like “How do I sign up for the email?”, “Which mailing list are you referring to?” and “Do I need to do the challenges 3 days in a row, or just 3 challenges in the given time period?”. So far I’ve not seen anyone from CCP answer.

Could we PLEASE get some feedback??

Oh they react, just not here. Reddit has CCP replies.

People with accounts in bad standing shouldn’t get a place imo. Harassment, cheating, unintended gameplay exploits.

Hello forum :smiley:

Can’t even be arsed to use their own forum. :unamused:

So this forum is basically useless then. :confused:
I’m out of here. Going to Reddid. I don’t like it but at least I’ll get some information.

Fifie evacuates

Thanks for pointing this out.



Why is this so hard for CCP to post this here too?

Anyway, to sum this up:

  • You don’t need to be in the mailing list to appear on the mosaic. The mailing list is just and only for the confirmation mail.
  • The confirmation mails are sent on a weekly basis on friday. Likely after downtime.
  • Every character who did complete the 3 challenges will appear on the mosaic.
  • It doesn’t matter which challenges are completed or when between March 2nd and March 22nd. - 3 challenges during this timespan. No if or but.

Source: Reddit - Dive into anything and other posts and …

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Because here they get ganged up on with tons of raging vitriol by aspie spam posting clowns. You know, those specific posters who just can’t behave in a normal manner and always have to be excessively negative and confronting. THOSE people, who think they’re actually in the right and are “just giving an opinion”.


And the people who feed them.

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