Your Year in EVE video

So, let me get this straight: one has to subscribe to some mailing list in order to get Your Year In EVE video this year?

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Your account is linked to an email which they send account info and reminders to. I suspect everyone is automatically on their mailing, unless they go through steps to unsubscribe or block CCP.

I would be surprised if they instituted a separate mailing list from that.

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It’s not your god given right to get those videos, they’re done as a courtesy and take quite a bit of effort. They also have a mailing list and they want to promote that, not exactly unreasonable would they choose to do it that way.

Perhaps act a little bit less like a spoiled child and learn to phrase your posts like you’re an actual adult.


You could of at least posted a link for that article…

Anyway, seems to me the underlined section is separate from the ‘Year In Eve’ video, basically looks like players will receive an Email containing a detailed summary of their in-game stats for the past year…

Which is a bit confusing since the ‘Year In Eve’ video basically contains that info…

Judging from your zkillboard, you’re not missing out on much of a yearly reviee video…

Maybe no longer necessary but here’s the link:

There will be a video for ‘‘collective capsuleer achievements’’, which isn’t specifically about any single player. The personalized statistics video is what I was referring to as ‘‘Your Year in EVE’’ video, since it’s been so named during the previous years.

The ‘Collective Capsuleer Achievements’ video probably refers to the stats of all your accounts being combined into one video, like the video’s released in 2019 and 2021.

As for the other part:

CCP has always released the videos with that name. The 2020 video was the only one based on a specific character that you selected from all of your accounts which also included the option of showing specific pre-selected stats in the video.

Anyway, according to the article:

In addition, if you subscribe to our mailing list, you will receive an email containing some of your own personalized 2022 EVE Online statistics!

That doesn’t reference a video, it’s probably just an email that lists the stats of your main character.


Will gladly add some clarity!

Wen an account is created, it is automatically on the mailing list in question. However, those who opted-out of that correspondence (i.e. requested no e-mails from CCP) will of course not receive the e-mail message containing the stats. To be re-added to the mailing list, you can send in a support ticket and they’ll get you sorted :+1:

Note: If you’ve gotten e-mail messages from CCP, you don’t need to opt-in, you’re already on the mailing list and it’ll be automatically sent.


@CCP_Swift will there be the possibility to manually “request it” like in 2021?
As I remember there was a third party website that was allowed by ccp to do that.


You know, it would’ve been great if you had at least sent me the stats of the main and not those of one of my alts …


Gonna be interesting to see If I get the vid this year!

Literally this. I have 7 accounts all on the same email. The inky account i got a year in review email on…was a jita marlet and reaearch alt that mever leaves station and is simply just in a pod all year.

No email for any combat alts, no email for my main toon.


Different details, but same story for me.

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Its So refreshing to have a DEV that can actually be bothered to speak to the player base, You are a gent CCP Swift , Cheers.


Please let us view these stats on a page somewhere without subscribing to the rest of the marketing emails.
I’m pretty sure we were able to do this last year

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Previous years, CCP summed up all the activity for all characters on that email.

This year, it looks like they’re only providing it for one character, referred to as the ‘main character’.

There’s been discussion in the past that you can’t see all the characters linked to the same email on your account management page (you can see AccountID’s linked, not chars). And people have said they can’t tell from the account page which character is set as “the main”.

People have guessed age of char, or total SP, or most logged in, but I don’t recall seeing anything definite.

After encouraging people to link multiple accounts to the same email, and then limiting “year” celebrations like this, it looks like something that could also use more clarity.


Actually, in 2020 they also provided the yearly stats just for the main character (how that was determined by CCP, I don’t recall). It was only in 2021 that they made the video summing up alts as well.

I’m still waiting for my video/stats, so it’s gonna be a surprise whether they got my main right. I haven’t had issues the previous years, but I have this one single character I use 95% of the time. And the rest are just for minor detours. Maybe it does get cofusing for them which character is the main when people use many of them on equal basis.


Don’t know what algorithm CCP uses to determine the main character but it’s definitely flawed and incorrect. Simply put, the main character is the one with the most time logged into the game. So instead of receiving the email for this character (my main), I received the email for one of my alt characters that I rarely log in with.

As for the current ‘Eve Year’ video, it’s definitely a disappointment. All the past ‘Eve Year’ videos were focused on our own characters. Didn’t really matter if those stats were combined from all of our alts, it was a great overview of what we personally did in Eve. That was special and actually made it worthwhile to download and save the video.

However, this year the ‘Eve Video’ focuses on the top 3 Player-run Alliances and Corporations featured in various Eve Online stats. I’m not interested in nor have any desire whatsoever to view those stats, let along download and save that video, especially when most of that info can be easily looked up elsewhere.

Overall I have to say this ‘Year In Eve’ video was a complete waste of time and resources, which lately seems to be something that CCP does best…


I agree with this fully.

Your Year in EVE video was one of the things I waited for. I’d say it’s one of the best things CCP has come up with. But the video summing up the year for all the players in the game is completely boring. Top 5 characters in the game constitute 0.01-0.05% of the players. Those Top 5 stats are meaningless. Yeah, you can release that information as well, if you want, but it should happen in addition to individual player videos, not instead of.


So, I take it there’s no individual video this year… Still waiting for my ‘‘stats’’;, but meh, if that’s how it is, I’m not interested anymore.


I received it on two different characters, but not any of the characters I actually use.