Your Year in EVE video

I don’t have my main either as the recipient of the mail.

Now I have two videos and whatever we have now. Which is nothing really. Granted, I see this as a value added service with interesting data points which I like. But I don’t care about my alts just my main. My alt is in a guardian 98% of the time the other 2% he is in a nestor. 100% max skilled logi pilot… Whoop Dee ■■■■■■■ Doo…

My main is my main combat pilot, market pilot, trader, industrial pilot. Those stats I find interesting.

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There is no personalized video only stats in mail for me.

Video with stats is only for all the community.

Anyway, for me:


VALUE OF SALES 66,897,687,479
NET ISK GAINED 59,721,113,957


NEMESIS Jookatan
ISK DESTROYED 13,848,861,082


But some of the stats are obviously wrong Nana Skalski. Your kills are reported as 57, yet on zkillboard your character has 167 in October alone.

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If you wanted to know the stats of your character but didn’t get the e-mail, or it was not on the character you flew the most, you can make the request via support: 'Year in EVE' Character Statistic Emails

The EVE EoY reports final blows for kills



How is the character chosen? Is there a way to tag a character that is your main you want stats on or emails on for these kind of things? Otherwise what was the point of changing all my accounts to one email address? I might as well move them back to their own accounts.

Before somebody says discount on running multiple accounts. I have no discount on any renewals after making my emails on all accounts the same so just dont.

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I’ve wondered this as well.

Me neither.

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CCP was so kind to send me an email notifying me of 50% off Omega + MCT bundles. And still no End of Year character stats email.

Maybe if you buy the Omega + MCT bundle they’ll send you the EoY mail as a gratitude for your purchase. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :upside_down_face: :psyccp:

Thanks, I figured that must be the cast after I posted. I really enjoyed previous EoY videos that were personalized and was really looking for to it this year. Hopefully we get one next year, they are an excellent idea.

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I’m can’t recall where I saw the message, but someone earlier posted that the multi-account discounts only applied something like 25% off for 1-month, 15% off for 3-month, and nothing else. So unless you use those options you may not see anything.

I may be misremembering the context of that earlier message. If I run across it again I’ll link it.

Edit: This was the last link I saw on it, and apparently there’s still confusion as to which account is ‘main’ and must be subbed first, before other accounts get the 1 or 3 month discount. And is still apparently useless for anyone not using the most expensive sub options.

I see the multiaccount discounts but I still have way too much isk so I plex.

I was really looking forward for the EoY video. True, they had some flaws and issues, but all in all it was an excellent idea!

So why did you scrap this feature many people liked, instead of working out some flaws?

If I combine this with the Photon changes or the red dot thingy it seems you are hellbent to shove things down our throat that no one likes and needs while at the same time work hard to remove good stuff people were actually waiting and hoping for… please reconsider your business development plan. :frowning:

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People cry and whine anyway: chronic crier One wants one thing, chronic crier Two wants the exact opposite and whichever CCP would do half the players would cry about it. Chronic crier Three whines about it being there in the first place and why aren’t the devs spending time on [x feature] instead of this.

It also doesn’t make any money for them and it’s quite a bit of effort.

Inb4 “You should back that up by a citation to a source of reliable numbers buddy, howd'ya know it is exactly half the players?! huh, huh?!:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yeah it’s probably more, because some/quite a few will cry no matter what.

As usual in these discussions people will demand hard evidence to back up your claims. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Unlikely. Aisha’s clearly making an opinion statement, not a numbers discussion.

Actual numbers would be more like “80% of the players don’t say anything about it, 5% will hate anything, 3% will fanboi anything, and 12% won’t have an opinion until they read something someone else has written to give them one”.

Aisha demonstrates something that is worrisome though, which is the attitude that “the playerbase sucks, no matter what happens”. Especially when that opinion is formed from the under-5% of players discussing EVE on social media and forums. Unfortunately sometimes the developers get this attitude as well, and once that sets in you can be pretty sure the game’s headed downhill for the remainder of it’s duration.

Players crying about this and that are one thing, the number of players entering and leaving the game is a much more objective statistic. And CCP clearly keeps blundering in ways that are causing significantly more exits.

“It doesn’t make any money for them” is a valid point, however when a company has spent most of the past 4 years burning down the goodwill of the playerbase, doing something to restore that goodwill could be considered money well and wisely spent.

Regardless, CCP tried to go cheap on it, executed even the cheap option poorly, and lost face again.

Hopefully in the coming year CCP will start making better decisions. But I’m not holding my breath.


You seem to be overthinking this. I’m not even really reading the thread besides just skimming through it. Was just cracking a joke about the fact when statistics, player numbers, speaking on behalf of others and whatnot is brought up it is almost inevitable that someone will bring up the burden of proof. That’s all. :wink: