My Year in EVE 2023 Video Clip

Hello CCP ,

as there are no information on this yet I would like to ask if there is a “Your Year in EVE” Video Clip for 2023?

And by “Your Year in EVE” I mean the 2nd person singular term of this, of my character(s). Not that trash clip from last year with all the accumulated numbers from all player … as if I would be interessted what the mass of other people are doing in the game.


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I got a ‘Your Year In Eve’ email last year, which among other things stated I was among the top 1% of stargates jumped during the year. I think it was some crazy figure like 8000 jumps in the year. So I’d like to have this year’s figure…as I suspect it would be even higher.

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We will probably see that sometime January or last week December.

Actually I don’t remember any ‘Year In Eve’ video being sent out for 2022… Did receive one for year 2019, 2020, and 2021.

I remember CCP sending out an Email for year 2022 that listed various achievement stats of a character from players Omega account, supposedly the one with most game time which had email address on file with CCP for notifications.

Course CCP messed that up as usual. Most players got the email stats for a barely used alt character instead of their main character. CCP said they’d fix it but the only thing players got from customer support was an email promise to change their records for the correct character, and due to the holiday season, it wouldn’t be implemented until the next year.

So yeah, definitely don’t expect any ‘Year In Eve’ video like we got in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

So, I guess not.
I truly liked it a lot. Was a lot more fun than just a long list of text, and definitely felt much more rewarding.
If not reinstating the “Your (personalized) year in EVE” video, at least a template should be made to incorporate graphs in the style of the Monthly Economic Report, and maybe make it an actual shareable link (online PDF of sorts) instead of getting it like an embedded wall of text like my bi-monthly gas bill.

Also, this could have been avoided if we hadn’t been spoiled with them for 3 years straight in the first place. Keep giving us nice stuff to then take it away. :sweat_smile:


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This year CCP just sent out an email with some status. ngl I like it better vs the videos. :man_shrugging:

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