My year in Eve video - numbers are wrong

screenshots from different accounts and i ask corp members they have same jokes… (i’m trillionaire lol) (hmmm… realy its no RMT :slight_smile: ) ( 5 years in one year)

P.S. so i assume this year is really ■■■■…(

I don’t think anyone expects them to actually be right - at least, I hope not? This is CCP after all. The whole thing is just a marketing gimmick that they didn’t put any serious effort into (otherwise we would still have EoY reports that cover all of our accounts, not just 1 character from 1 omega account).

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Last yrs was a little off but this yr is bad on accuracy it seems.

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I would hope this data would be pretty close to accurate. I mean, at the very least, this makes people doubt the data ccp has, and at worst it actually IS the data CCP is using to make game changing decisions with.

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Yea i noticed it too… Grr BPCs :psyccp:



Sorry to bother you, but I didn’t know who best to voice my concern to. So, you get it.

Anyway, having highly suspect data the year in Eve videos might not seem like a big deal, but it’s causing people to question CCP’s internal metrics, and the validity of any decisions based off of them. Moreover, at least one dude took it in the other direction, and concluded from his year in Eve video that CCP was concentrating on the wrong areas of the game. This might seem like an inconsequential mistake, but it’s unforced error that’s adding fuel to the fire for the bittervets and tinfoil hatters.

I hope that the idea that CCP is working with flawed data doesn’t gain a lot of traction, but I’m not going to hold my breath. I mean, we already have guys arguing against CCP justifications for dev decisions (such as those regarding unsustainable economic activity), and you know how tinfoil hatty we can get. Recently, Hilmar made on offhanded comment about the safety of HS industry, and we got mutliple threads and even youtube videos talking about CCP’s plan to nerf HS industry.

So please, be a little more careful in the future, and not release bad data to the the players. Don’t get me wrong, I love the graph porn, and wish we got more. So, I’m not saying you should stop sharing data with us. Just… be careful. Bitter vets and tinfoil hatters have a tendency to take mistakes and run with them.

Thanks for listening.

A CCP Bootlicker and PA Apologist

I’ve noticed two things:

  1. the numbers being generated don’t seem to reflect what actually happened
  2. there’s huge skew in the results if a few % change in ranking results in several orders of magnitude difference in actual numbers

I really hope these types of statistics aren’t being used to indicate what should be changed without much deeper analysis. Having said that, it’s been clear for many years that the wealth in New Eden is extremely concentrated into a fairly small number of accounts. Any general “balancing” change that doesn’t take that into account has the potential to have huge negative impacts on the 95+% of the Eve community that isn’t generating the bulk of wealth. I would hate to see barriers to entry for large-scale activities done by a few percentage of accounts end up dissuading people from small-scale forms of the activities.

In addition to being more transparent on the types of changes you expect to make and having actual data to back that up, it would be very beneficial to look at the direct impact of changes across the population of account/account types and consequent activity changes. Use of bulk indicators can give a distorted view of how overall accounts are affected by any change.

169 trillion? Holly Molly! Dude, send 10 billion my way! Quick!

My video said i had triggered 5 escalations. Way off. The only reason I made the video was to see how many escalations I had actually triggered. I ran over 70 in high sec, ignoring all low and null, so it had to be well over 100 escalations. Very poor performance, CCP.
At least put it in the activity tracker or something. Geez…

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