1/3 of players actually PVP


I’m in the top 1/3rd with my 33 ship kills why is this game focusing in so heavily in PVP? This tells me that 3/2rds of the players mine, build, mission, or explore PVE stuff. Seems like to bring more people in you keep PVP stable but spend quadrants improving the PVE parts of the game.

Just my thought, anyone else see it the other way?

Is there a new player question here?

I am one and have a question.

What is the question?

See above

I’m not seeing a new player question.

this is a matter of opinion

another matter of opinion

Do you have a real question or is this an attempt to try and make a snide side jab?


frigate escape bay, needljack filliments, forsaken fortresses, surgical strike, quantum cores, vat out of hell, howling interdictors, and even the triglavian invasion was a PVP driver.

Pretty sure it a fact they focus on PVP in this game.

…and? Is there a question here?

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Yea. See above.

Ok, so you don’t actually have a question and just wanted to make a snide jab at the pvp aspects of the game, got it.


Because this is a PvP competitive mmorpg?


Yup. shooting someone isn’t the only way to compete. Seems like 2/3rds of people aren’t competing in that way.

2/3rds of characters, not people.

If I have an account with 3 chars (a pvp main plus 2 pi/hauler/Indy alts) here you have your 2/3rds of non pvp “people”

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Yes sir. It would seem you have 2 accounts focused on the part of the game that seems to not get much love. So maybe if they focus on improving that part of the game would drive more players into here.

Okay, so I was actually surprised with what seemed to be some really low numbers being associated with high percentiles for various categories, and I think this has to do with all the alts throwing off the numbers. Which makes sense, right? Not only do skill farmers and industrialists tend to have a lot of alts, but I bet all the cyno alts, market alts, mining alts, and all that add up real ■■■■■■■ quick.

Not to mention that there are a torrent of new players trying the game, that don’t stick around for very long. I’m not sure how CCP determined which characters got included in the data set or not, but it’s possible that they included a bunch a characters that were played relatively little.

Seems like they want to drive more players in the game. Most of the players are in this opposite area. Maybe give some love and attention into these areas instead of always trying to drive conflict. You get more players and there by driving more conflict. I’m just saying it would make sense to focus on where the activity is.

But I play 80% with my main, so it’s 1/5 of people’s time dedicated to non pvp

you have 3 accounts. 2 are doing tasks that aren’t pvp. seems like there is an opportunity here to make this area of the game better with better missions, pve, more epic arcs, story lines, tons of stuff for you in your other two characters. Better haulers or something to make it better to mine or haul. Triglavian or pirate haulers, something. As of now not much is being done here.

You don’t know the base of the count, most accounts in EvE are alts never undocking or just for side jobs like trading/hauling. Not to mix with players.

I got even more strange stats being in the top 1% of things, I suspect CCP may even have counted characters which would inflate the “dead” floor by factor 3.

Conclusion, you can derive nothing from it regarding player numbers.


And put some focus on improving this side of the game and watch them all light up with activity.