Poll: Where would YOU choose to PvP?

In response to recent CCP comments on changes they would like to see:

Personally, I don’t believe feeling “like the blanket is being pulled from under you every week” is a major incentive to game play. That said, clearly, more combat and more PVP in EVE would be a good thing.

What I’m interested in, is just where people would like to personally engage in PvP. Assuming that CCP could make PvP accessible and available in any given region, where would you prefer to PvP?**

  • High Sec
  • Low Sec
  • Null
  • WH space
  • Faction Warfare or other specific PvP areas
  • No Preference
  • Not interested in PvP

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Votes are not publicly viewable for this so please vote the most accurate choice. (Apologies for the fubar’s while I tried to edit it properly)

** Meaning, a large number of people engaging in PvP in this region frequently, as opposed to “PvP is always available everywhere in game”. While true, this does not actually lead to significant amounts of PvP in most regions (currently).


“like the blanket is being pulled from under you every week” is most certainly not an incentive to play. i play games to chill after work, not to stress over things, because CCP suddenly forgot what EVE used to be all about: player agency. now CCP makes the music and expects you to dance.

not me, i’m gone. unsubbed all accounts finally, after listening to the podcast. i’m done with EVE.


I should probably note: I’m aware that PvP is accessible and available currently in all regions. What I should have said was,

“If CCP could actually modify the game to the point where a larger number of people found PVP in this region interesting enough to bother engaging in it frequently”.

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Voting No Preference, though this is because there isnt “Id prefer it everywhere”. No Preference sounds unengaged.


An excellent point. I went directly to clarify that phrase, but sadly it says “Polls cannot be edited after first 5 minutes”.

I absolutely meant ‘no preference’ to indicate that all or any regions were equally interesting for that person to engage in PvP in. Although that would also imply that player is active in all regions since the poll is “where would YOU pvp?” and not simply “which regions do you think PvP should be viable/interesting/frequent in?”.


I go whereever the winds take me, and would be appalled to discover that player interactions were limited beyond what already exists in high sec by region.

This is why Null sucked until recently.

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Where is the everywhere option btw?

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Where would I choose to PvP?

I’m more old school so tend to think of PvP as combat not market trading.

Short answer to the question would be: another game

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I’m not sure about the purpose of the poll … but my heart is still with lowsec as the true combat area. No politics, just pew pew.

Though I’m not sure whether you can make sense from the answers.

Buh bye. We won’t miss you

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I won’t miss you and your ilk either.


Out, cowards! All of you! We don’t want or need your kind.

Deadspace area that allows a set number of players to fight for their faction that required teamwork via coms

Team Death matches that has a rank and rating system for various ship classes.

Rewards like ship skins that are unique to the season in which it was won and at the end of a set season the wining team/s or pilot/s is placed onto the billboard inside their factions controlled systems.

Yeah give us that and so we can join in on your pvp


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does not compute with last sentence:

A walled-off arena by default, does not permit a 3rd party to join in on “their pvp.” Rude persons have insisted for years, that they have a right to “3rd party.”

I refer to New Eden as a pve game with the option to pvp.

Obviously my vision of pvp is different. What if while watching your favorite world soccer team about to score a goal when all of a sudden a fan from the other team (3rd party) jumps the fence and helps block the goal?

Player vs player or team vs team

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Looks like the PVPers outnumber the PVErs.

Not exactly a scientific poll sample though.

Doesn’t matter, given the avalanche of LSG trolls and folks alike I expected a vastly different outcome.

Seems like the clowns really ARE the vocal minority.

That would make it less boring I agree

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Are you bored of meaningless polls ?

  • yes
  • maybe
  • I don’t know dude, I’m bored anyhow
  • what, there is something else than meaningless polls ?
  • still better than arguing with CODE. members

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