Does this game have a PvP server at all?

Recurring player here since 2005. This game has gotten more and more risk adverse over the years. People multi box running sites in warp stabbed Ishtars with bots watching local ? Its one thing that no one wants a fair fight. But to be rewarded for having the ability to not fight at all? I was always under the presumption that EVE was to be a player created content game, with RISK vs Reward.

This new Encounter Surveillance system is content in the right direction. But i still feel as though it is a far cry from what needs to be done to get back on track. Change the Meta. People have too many outs.

Best wishes.
Hope to see a better game some day.


What’s your proposal?

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I’m not in position to suggest things for development team. I’d be better at just identifying the issue. I’m sure there are many that have felt the same. I’ve seen to many games die because PvPr’s are busy having fun and the Risk Adverse are busy complaining about it.

Personally I would change local chat to update with your Dscan tool. If not remove it entirely from Null Sec.
Non- Covert ops Cloaks would use capacitor and have a capacitor recharge penalty while active.

I mean i could spit ball all sorts of ideas. But at the end of the day its up to the developers to come up with this stuff. Its not my game I just play it ( or try to ).

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I have the opposite issue… when PvP’rs come in looking to gank Ishtars that are setup to PvE, they run away to a safe, and then bounce from safe to safe until they filament out not wanting to get caught coz they don’t want to have a real fight.

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Most likely because not much can compete with a Drone boats. PVE or PVP.

Esepcially a PvE Ishtar with drone tracking.

Because of the drone tracking you have to up ship it for a proper chance, which means your tackle is probably not going to land in time and if it does they are mostly likely just stabbed anyways.

Should make warp stabs blow up your sig radius and harshly reduce your capacitor recharge. Would fix that as well.

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This was already attempted and CCP has learned from the implementation.

Oh, I see, this is just a disguised AFK Cloaky camping whine thread. You should have opened with this sooner so I’d know to ignore you.


Very good contributions. Clearly a parasite, do me a favor and ignore. But i can already see its beyond your capabilities. Troll on elsewhere.

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Let’s add more filaments. Maybe that will help.

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So what you are saying is that PVE players have figured out how to use PVP to their own advantage and are able to escape.

Seems more like you need to adjust your approach to PVP.

You are just being beaten at the moment.


Non confrontation is not PvP. Not sure where you are going with that.

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This ^^ though, the fact that they have added this extra risk adversity way of avoiding WH’s and Gates all together insures me that any inquiry falls on deaf ears. Cheers.

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Shooting isn’t the only tactic in PVP. If it was, we wouldn’t need all of the fitting options we have, and disengaging (or immediately escaping) is just as much a part of PVP as pressing F1.

If they are stabbed, apply more point.


If they are stabbed then alpha them.


Lol, yeah .

To be fair, WCS are terrible from a design point of view and should be removed.

The correct phrase, OP, is risk AVERSE not adverse. Different words with different meanings.

Secondly, all of Eve is a potential PVP zone on a single shard so there’s no need for a PVP specific server.


Considering that so many thing die in null sec every day, it sound to me that the OP is just not competent enough to hunt targets properly. No local only meant that no one was undocked and even CCP’s data showed a drop in destruction. I wonder how the OP liked going through empty system.

Speaking of the Blackout, CCP still has not given a full analysis of the data they gathered.


EVE is one big PvP server. Is this an implicit question for PvE servers?

Look at all the changes since the BlackOut and also look at the events that happened since then.

CCP left the carebear-track they’ve moved onto since CrimeWatch 2.0 …
… so all you have to do is wait and shoot people.

Nice! Haven’t read that line in a thread like this in years.

It is. You mistake PvP with “ship combat between players”.
PvP is more than just combat. It’s also being able to outsmart the other guy.
In the end there’s a winner and a loser.

It’s a term covering every competitive aspect between players.

Not all PVP is ship combat between players …
… but all ship combat between players is PvP.


Yes, that server is called Tranquility