Does this game have a PvP server at all?

Making DScan tool update local isnt blackout.

Sov nullsec isn’t the only place to fight at.
Infinite fight in Pochven, or inevitable match in Proving Grounds.
You’re seem to be a wormholer. Anoikis has some PVP contents.
FW lowsec systems such as Nisuwa are plentiful of seasoned brawlers.
To stick to nullsec fights, join the Imperium. PAPI needs bloodthirsty opponents.

The Singularity system MOEE-8 is the dedicated test combat server.

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If you end up in a fair fight in EVE then you and your enemy both ■■■■■■ up horribly

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Of course it is.
Player A hunts player B. Player B avoids player A. Both are doing something AGAINST the other = player A against player B against player A = P(layer) versus ( against) player A = PvP.
You’re welcome

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that’s not PvP… that’s synchronized traveling.

Sorry, I don’t discuss semantics. It goes nowhere and doesnt help to move the topic along.

You are discussing semantics by broadening the definition of PvP to such a large degree.

By your definition a player warping to a safe and then filamenting out is PvP, cloaking a ship up in a ratter system and then going afk for a week is PvP.

Tactical movement may be part of PvP depending on the movement, but avoiding PvP by running away is just running away. Your blanket statement lacks situational nuance.

What large degree ?
PvP means player against player.
If you hunt me ( PvP ) and I evade you, well then we’re both playing the game, aren’t we ?

Look at boxing.
One throws a punch and the other avoids it. Isn’t the one who avoids also boxing?
Or is called boxing ONLY when one throws a punch?

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that’s called fighting - and i covered that with tactical movement which depending on the purpose could be considered to be linked with PvP… but to use your analogy… the one avoiding the punch is more like using an ECM burst.

It is not called boxing when one person steps into the ring as the other combatant leaves and goes home.

Red-sonja’s idea of PvP encounter:
Local Chat
Red-sonja has entered local system
Red-sonja: Ahha! Enemy ratters, I have now entered the system and have thus engaged in PvP with you
ratters dock at station
Red-sonja: Ha! Good PvP all!

By the way, that was a uniquely bad analogy, i feel bad correcting you.

You would have had more chance with 2 armies on the field moving around each other trying to force the other to engage them while they have higher ground advantage.

Whatever you say…

I still think that not giving you an easy target by hotfooting outta there before you blap me is PvP.

You have your view, I have mine. Ultimately we’re still playing the same game. What you do is allowed in the game and avoiding you is allowed in the game too so quit bitching about targets avoiding you and get better at EVE.

Huh? m8, i rat and do home defence… i don’t call killing ratters and miners real PvP either… that’s just ganking and is pretty low value.

Still, what you are doing is not PvP, it is fitting your ship to avoid PvP. Warping to station is not engaging in PvP, it is just running away FROM PvP,

By the way, i made an edit to my last post to give a great example! Enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’m doing is allowed in EVE so suck it up or quit.

You don’t really have good comprehension skills do you?

Enough comprehension to understand that avoiding combat is PvP and is allowed in EVE.

Right. The lack of comprehension comes from your assumption that I run around ganking - even though I explicitely told you what I do.

I too dock up in my PvE ship when reds come into system. So why would you suggest that I think it is not allowed? I do of course then get into a PvP ship and go and hunt the red down.

Running away from the fight is not fighting. It is avoiding the fight. Your intention is not to engage in PvP, so you cannot call it PvP. Jumping into your PvP ship and hunting them IS then PvP activity.

Avoiding a red not to get blapped is PvP.
Your PvP is pew pew, my PvP is to avoid your pew pew. They’re both valid gameplay and allowed in EVE.
Just because you’re bad at tackling doesn’t mean the other guy isn’t PvPing. He’s PvPing by avoiding your pew pew.

You both seem to be pissing the other one off. Your discussion should count as PvP.


Even if i leave the convo apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

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