What is your definition of PVP?

Some people seem to believe EVE online has a strong focus on PVP but most players seem to never do any PVP.

I know some of you are going to argue that mining, industry and selling and buying on the market is PVP but that definition doesn’t fit actual PVP games like Counter-Strike and Chess.

Imo PVP in EVE online is just a spice. Most people seem to live in the high sec island and never do any PVP? They are merely intrigued by it, they like to think about it happens in low and null but stay safe away from it. And thats part of the magic in this game. And its being ruined by ganking and havoc among other things but thats besides the point. What is your definition of PVP? Have a nice day.

Whenever CCP sends me a “personalized offer” that I have to thoroughly vet.


Gate camping is best PVP in game. :smiley:

Those who do not believe it are … wrong. See 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online - which apparently YOU still have not read, absorbed and understood, let alone accepted.

“Most” being the important word there, we can break this down into two categories:

  1. if most players have never done pvp, there is no issue, leading to “end of discussion thx for coming”
  2. you would have to prove that “most” is indeed the numerical majority. Since there is no way of including anyone without some SSI connection to a public killboard that claim would be unprovable, which again leads to “end of discussion thx for coming”

Interestingly but not unexpectedly you narrow down what respondents can come up with as their definition of PvP. Again, that leads to an “end of discussion thx for coming”

Thank you for your opinion. In chili the hot spices make all the difference between a good chili and a bland one.

So you rule out ganking as a form of PvP. So noted. We disagree, which leads to “End of Discussion” given your history of thread spamming on the subject.

Have a nice day.


Cool cool. On to more important stuff.

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Flagged for spam. No offense.

Now why would you say a thing like that :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s wrong with you?

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My comment could be seen as offensive but i think there is an argument to be made that posts that dont fit on the screen is spam

An argument could be made that you are a silly.


I would like to see you try.

edit This can be seen as a threat? But i actually want to hear the argument. My eyes and ears are facing outward. I dontak fga keke kaf gkg?

most and seem bring your post down to hearsay. Your thread could be likened to propaganda.
I wonder why you even bother.

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Are you saying most players do PVP? That seems to me like the real propaganda

Going to take the liberty and link a recent poll on the matter.

My post could be seen by you as “spam”. It’s intended purpose was to point out inter alea that your “discussion” will lead to a foregone conclusion you made ages ago. In fact you try to create a thread to redefine what a “discussion” is.

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People are like…holding a war council about how to respond to Wesfahrn’s posts.



Good one. You earned a like. Enjoy :smiley:

I’m not saying anything, you are.

Polls are meaningless and are used by propagandists.

You can judge the results and comments for yourself, the opposite of propaganda?

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Your poll had a sample size of 45 respondents. Did you just re-write the rules on statistical analysis or simply aren’t aware of them ?