Sick of the PvP fantasy

In a great number of threads, I keep seeing:

EVE is a PvP game, get used to it, enjoy getting wiped out for the good of the game…

uh…NO…all you gankers, et al, that keep spraying this drivel about:

I hereby invite you to join me in War Thunder - which IS a real PvP game - and I’ll blow you right out of the sky


ps. and let me do my mining in peace lol


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I’m extremely calm - I’m just calmly waiting for one of these guys to take me up on my challenge in pure PvP

wen you blow up in war thunder you lose nothing
in eve you lose your ship , the stakes

are wayyy bigger in eve
thats why some people find EVE pvp so exciting

btw the only people who say eve is not a PVP game is people that don’t do PVP in eve
thats at least a indication that they are wrong , because one knows better about what he does than about what he dont


what stakes? who cares about the value of pixels - I’m talking about performance vs. SP+fit

gankers don’t go about killing adversaries, they get their jollies killing defenseless miners and freighters

I’m not talking about legitimate contests between two equal opponents - those are very rare in EVE


No dude, if everybody mines in peace, aka afk the economy would be in the toilet.

PvP is baaaaaaad, but mining in peace is also baaaaaaad.

Also on point, we are also sick of QQ threads about mining in peace, it’s just perspective.

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Well there are way more chinese people in the world also, your point?

It’s your point, you made it…

Ok then, NO PEACE!

I think the message is clear now.

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The message is completely clear

EVE is NOT a PvP game, although it contains that kind of play

War Thunder is a pure PvP game - that’s all we do over there - come and try it and see if you can take it - we fight amongst our peers not like gankers who pray on defenseless newbies and miners

i lost close to 50 billions in ships thats = a lot of my time
you lost 6 billions , thats = just the right amount to motivate you to post yet another cry topic about pvp


War Thunder has no in-game economy. It’s a simple pew-pew game on treads and wings. EVE Online is a sandbox environment where PvP is an important part, but only one part of it. There’s economics, industry, politics too. Trying to compare War Thunder to EVE Online is like trying to compare a cartoon to a documentary.


We can’t let you mine in peace, but there’s waaaay too much boring PvE required to create the PvP ships, so I’ll give you that.

The only way out of the time trap is doing PvP in frigates and dessies.

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You guys keep wanting to put your emotions on me - I’m not crying…

I’m calling out the cowards gankers that want to play with somebody that can defend himself

And I’m just telling the truth - EVE is not a PvP game

why cant you defend yourself ? i only fly armed ships , you can do it to

i play word of tanks blitz , the game is pvp , yes , but people go AFK, people are BAAAD , because they lose nothing wen the tank goes kaboom , eve is not that casual , its a fact , accept it

You are missing the point that I don’t care if I lose a ship and I DO have armed ships in EVE, the best.

That’s not my point - the point is attacking unarmed ships for fun - that’s not PvP, that’s murder plain and simple - some of us, just like in real life, oppose murder and mayhem and that’s all ganking is…

I don’t choose to PvP in EVE - it’s a one-sided affair and the winner of such an affair is the player with the most SP and best fit - it has little to do with skill

Most players are hunters, not fighters. This is something you have to deal with.

The only fighters are in low sec.


there is a very small part of EVE pvp players that are gankers
i cant say nothing for the gankers because im not one
that said i think they are good for the game

hunters, eh?