How do you define ganking, pvp and trolling

hi I was once tolking to somone and I learnd he had a diffrent defnation of pvp and ganking then me he though that once you left highsec attacking player out of the blue was called pvp not ganking, where as I think its always pvp and ganking is just attacking a player who is minding their own business weather it be for pirateing or looting or just cause youre bored so I was courious to see how the genral eve comunity defiend these 3 things
ps forgive my spelling and grammer I know its not perfect


A lot of folks say ganking is hisec pvp because the attackers lose their ships to npcs. But for them to be successful, they have to have enough alpha damage to destroy your ship and or pod you before CONCORD arrives.

Outside of hisec, there is no danger of losing your ship to an npc for attacking another player.

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intesting thoughts


again what

it is ganking, when you did not want to be killed and the other player just killed you to feel better about himself.

it does not matter at all, if it hisec, lowsec, null or wormhole-space.

just my oppinion

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how many times will you spam us with the same topic?

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spam with what topic I am just courious and this is the first time I have asked somthing of this nature to the genral eve cuminty

agree with you their

i think, there should be a popup-window, that asks you, if you agree with being attacked. if not, the other player can’t attack you.

that would provide a much better experience in this game.

just my oppinion

maybe to some extent I think their should be ways to protect none pvpers like miners or haulers but real pvpers might take advatage of this and use it to gain a advantage in some way

There is - don’t UNDOCK, doing so is consent to PvP.


And you have a right to it. But the larger core aspect of the game hasnt changed in 20 years, and theres no reason it should now


Ganking is Suicide Ganking and only happens in hisec.
PvP in all other areas of space is honorabru space combat.


strange edtited 4 times I wonder hwo long it took you to come up with this reply I mean you had to find or make a gif I wonder if someone will report that gif.
and yes I know I said gif 2 times in the same sentance

well you are entilted to youre own opiouon even though I don’t agree with it thank you for ansewring the question.

you seem like a ganker I must admit I was expecting this type of answer from gankers but I would love if you told youre fellow gankers about this thread and asked them to put a response. I would also like if you answerd the question I asked; though I have noted what you said.

i actually hope there will be no gankers in this thread, they would just grief the heck out of it, like they always do, with everything. they ruin my experience

you know that feeling, you just go to lowsec, to mine some of the good stuff and then, out of nowhere, a ship pops up and starts shooting you.

then you try to warp off… and you are scrambled…that made me so sad when it happened…

i wish this was not possible

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Have you considered creating a thread to present this idea to the public? There’s a lot of discussion about griefing, but no one seems to be committed to publicly presenting fresh, creative ideas for how to address it.


You explicitly consent to pvp in all areas of space when you click the Undock button.
Perhaps this needs to be made clear during the new player tutorial. For all I know, it is, it’s been a few years since I did the tutorials.

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