Bring Back The Annual Videos

a few years back CCP sent out videos to players which showed you things about your time game, ships killed, etc etc.

please bring those back, they were awesome.


OK, a Drogon Mace idea I can get behind.


Sure, but under one condition: The data must be accurate. In all the videos I received, the data was wildly inaccurate and more akin to a bad fiction penny dreadful than what I really achieved.

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In my case, I forgave them, Dyver. It’s hard to up-talk…zero.

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The data WAS accurate, but some of their metrics were not necessarily applicable.

For instance my last one said i had most success with pve, 0 sites run and 47 missions completed (whatever the epic arc is). Accurate, just misleading.

The data was absolutely not accurate for me in the video where they actually showed “real” data (the one before the last installment of YYIE. The last YYIE was just meaningless, dataless bulletpoints). But even then it was inaccurate. It said that I mined 32B of ORE even though I did not mine any ore in that year, and what resources I actually mined amounted to much more than 32B.

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