Your year in EVE!

We hope you enjoyed your 2021 recap! Feel free to share in this thread, or on social media with the #MyEVE2021 hastag to win hip and fly prizes

For those that didn’t receive their video - no fear! It’s almost certainly been created, here’s a quick rundown.

When will the e-mails be sent
The emails begin to go out at 13:20 UTC on 17, December 2021

What time period does the data cover?
This tracks your data from 1 December 2020 to 30 November 2021

Do I have to be Omega the full time to get this?
So long as you had Omega status for one month in this period, the video would have been created for you

How are my alts calculated?
For this project specifically, all of the accounts associated with the same e-mail are considered.

I meet all the criteria and haven’t received my video
Worry not - your video is definitely created. The videos are sent out to the e-mail on file, if you are unsubscribed from EVE Online e-mails you may not have received the message.

Log into the video lookup app at with your main character (in this case, that is the one with the most SP) to find your video if you were eligible.

How long will the e-mails last for?
The life of the email & link is 30 days, so you can check it anytime between now and next January.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here and we’ll get you an answer. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to, and excited what 2022 will hold for New Eden!


Very cool, checking my email… nothing yet…

Don’t suppose you can give a time frame of when the emails will be sent?


They’ll begin going out in 15 minutes and continue through the afternoon!


Thank you, I’ll be sure to keep checking.

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Does the video take into account for things you have done on behalf of your corp, mainly manufacturing jobs?

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How does the Vid determine wich Character counts as main?
To be honest, i switched my main Character and would have loved to have gotten it with my currently Main one xD


I received my mail last year without being specially subscribed to EVE-mails. Not sure which service that is can you explain where that mail should be?


Hi, anyone knows how to resubscribe to EVE online newsletter email?


Always nice to get these extra “little things” as part of the whole EVE experience. Thank you.


Improvement on last years video from CCP , nicely done and some good improvements.

Pity due to industry game changes none of my activities break into the top 10% like last year.

Would have been nice to calculate Corp information as the owner of the Corp, otherwise was a pretty cool video to watch :+1:


I didn’t unsubscribe but no video received yet :frowning:


TY Guys… It’s sooooo coooooool !!!
Но Я все равно Вас ненавижу за нерф ророк :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice video!

MajorBean and your 55 Alts,
SP:140,676,537 Top 2%
12,804 jumps/607visits
29,146 Market transactions Top 1%
596,460,667,824 ISK in sales value Top 1%
600,121,655,886 ISK Spend Top 1%
22,135,288,366 ISK gain Top 3%

6074 Jobs Top1%
2,445,016 Items build Top 1%
549,796,648,191 ISK value of output Top 2%
Research and Invention:

2,295 Unique copies made Top 2%
11,000 Research jobs completed Top 1%
4,554 Items invented Top 3%

12045 jumps in highsec top2%

I do not trust these numbers, but they sound nice.

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Check your SPAM FOLDER . Noob ! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

No only manufacturing jobs ‘owned’ by your characters.


Ah well maybe next year.

Mine will still say Ive done nothing.

Next year they could maybe at “sh*tposts on the forum” as a metric.

Top 15-20% in things and 27billion spent and 25billion in market sales. Who’d have thought that selling trash after a mission would add up like that XD

I also have a nemesis to hunt.

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