How do I make sure I'm subscribed to the email list?

In this post it says “but make sure you are subscribed to the email list to see it.”

How do I make sure I’m subscribed to the email list?


Good point, it doesn’t say anything on how one can get himself on that list

Still don’t know how to do this. I’ve poked and prodded all around trying to figure this out, from the settings in the game launcher, to managing my account information both here on the forums and on nowhere do I see an option to subscribe to an email list. I am certain I am missing out on emails because my wife received an email about direct enlistment in FW being available on sisi test server, but I did not receive such an email.

Same here. There used to be an option to subscribe to the email list on the account information page of the link you posted. Now all that remains is your own email address, nothing else.

That website/page was probably rebuilt somewhere last year, after they did the “accounts unified under one email address” campaign, dropping the option to (un)subscribe to ccp’s e-mailings.

Perhaps we can invoke the good ministrations of @CCP_Swift

P.S. this “mugshot part of the space fabric” thing is a far cry from the monument that was erected in Iceland, to honor all Eve pilots. Just mentioning that, for a friend.

I dont even think the monument is in good shape. @Brisc_Rubal did you happen to see the monument and the shape its in?

No, I didn’t go down that way.

I visited the monument last year during the fanfest and I was horrified. The names were barely legible and there was no correspondence between the name finder on and the actual monument. It felt really like they really didn’t care any more.

If I may add…

Anyone with the 411 on the immortalized email list mentioned in the event page?

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