I can't find the cancel subscription option anywhere on this site

I spent over half an hour looking for the cancel subscription option on this site and can’t find it. anybody’s help would be appreciated.

  1. Login to account management (https://secure.eveonline.com)
  2. Click your name at top right and go to Account Info
  3. Click the Cancel Subscription link in Subscription and Payment

finally found it in tiny, tiny letters hidden amongst several other options.

Yes, they scrapped the menus and devoted them to shopping only. It’s now a tiny link right in the middle of the subscription and payment box.

You must hand deliver a 10 page essay, inked in your own blood, on why you want to cancel your sub to CCP’s finance headquarters located deep within the Congo. If your reasons are deemed sufficient, you will be allowed the opportunity to compete with other potential “unsubcribers” through a reverse boss order speedrun of Super Metroid -all while being stalked by the hunter from Jumanji. The winner will then be mailed instructions for how to unsubscribe, that is encrypted using the unsolved cipher of the Zodiac Killer. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Also, do note that the subscription will automatically resume if ever do buy more game time.

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