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Regarding: Become one with the fabric of New Eden | EVE Online and the included advice of “[…] but make sure you are subscribed to the email list to see it.

To avoid this ending up in a similar situation as with the “Year in Eve” emails(1), how can a player confirm whether they are on the mentioned email list or, if not, how to get (re-)subscribed to it, please? Thank you!

(1) ‘Year in EVE’ Character Statistic Emails


What’s the list called? as it’s not a “Year in Eve”

Also, do you need to complete any three challenges, or one of each challenge type?

Good question. My guess from that text is that you just need to complete any three challenges during the 20-day period, but it would be nice to know if one of each is required. The entire thing is a bit silly, but seriously they can’t think everyone is going to mine to get on this picture do they?

I really hope that this mosaic and tech behind it is more polished than the text that announces it. There were so many typos and mistakes in the announcement text, that I don’t have any confidence in CCP’s ability to deliver this properly. Just like CCP has not been able to deliver the Year In EVE properly to all players yet, despite boastful rectification announcements by GMs.

The typos were fixed eventually but releasing a badly reviewed and proofread text for the biggest celebration of the year is very bad practice. Now they just need to fix the E-Mail List:

Those of you that successfully complete the challenges and qualify for the mosaic will receive an email confirmation within a few days, but make sure you are subscribed to the email list to see it.

This is a bad joke after you failed to send people their YIE data to their mails. There is no way to resubscribe, and there are lots of people who don’t want to receive your deceptive marketing spam. I sincerely hope you learned from this repeated mess and send this confirmation mail from a non-ad-spam mail domain.


Those of you that successfully complete the challenges and qualify for the mosaic will receive an email confirmation within a few days, but make sure you are subscribed to the email list to see it.

See what? The confirmation email or their image on the mosaic?

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Also, there seems to be some confusion about what daily challenges count towards the mosaic. Is it just any 3? Current challenges are just Mining Blitz. I’ve yet to see anyone get any other challenge type. Does this mean they’ll change week-by-week, then? Fix your ■■■■, CCP.


I came here to find a solution as well, to no avail. The mail list? Which one? Cryptic. Complete three challenges. Three a day? Continuously? One of each? Damn it all.

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The solution is to ignore CCP’s garbage, unnecessary events.

Not even a single PvP-themed event since early 2020 for this alleged “open-world hardcore PvP MMO.”


I don’t understand why special gameplay is required, to recognize the contributions of active players. Who didn’t have to do anything special to qualify for names on a physical EVE monument 10 years ago, but have to jump through hoops to be picked out for a 20th photo mosaic? We could do any number of other EVE activities, and not qualify. If it happens, it happens - but I won’t be a rat in this maze.


This is CCP’s desperate attempt to validate the gameplay of the teeming carebear masses and “create value for their investment into the ecosystem” (corporate speak). These players don’t have anything to look forward to except the same boring, routine, repetitive PvE grind content, so CCP is trying to dangle some little trinket to make it seem to them that they’re “part of a living and breathing universe” (more corporate speak).

Except they aren’t.

The genuine empire-building aspects of the game have been stripped away a decade ago, replaced with a tenement system like something straight out of the end of the industrial revolution, when the people you worked for and the people you paid rent to were one and the same. Unless you’re one of the predators hunting these player prey animals for sport, which still allows you to extract some enjoyment from the EVE Online experience (as it does for me), then you’re nothing but livestock. And when you need to relocate some livestock from one area to another, like for example to the milking pens, you dangle a carrot in front of them to make them shamble on over, which is exactly what CCP is trying to do with their little challenges and redeeming queues.

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“Someone” must have figured out, in true marketeer fashion, that it’s better to hype up some repetitive in game-events something something fabric of space, while making subscribers sign up for some email list that “offers” “fantastic” “deals” for $$, than it is to erect a monument that costs $$ to maintain.

Can’t say I blame CCP for not wanting to make more extra costs, but 1) copying what others have done before them and 2) trying to squeeze more extra bucks out of the “2nd decade” celebrations via e-mailings isn’t exactly a beacon of respect for their customers, nor a token of any fresh imagination. The squeeze has been on for a while, this just confirmed the sharks still rule supreme in the fish tank. Sad but true.

The Eve Monument, by contrast, was a jaw dropping present to us, players, even if it didn’t last the entire second decade, according to eye witnesses, due to erosion and some vandalism.


The EVE monument stands: EVE Monument Name Finder App : Eve

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