Eve Mosaic question

Hi all, I’m a bit confused. I’ve completed ~6 skilling sprees since march 1st but I have yet to receive an email from Eve confirming my character on the Mosaic. What am I doing wrong?

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No idea, I haven’t figured out what the Mosiac is?

Wow they even mosaicked my post…

next step would be to EVE Support: Contacting Support

likely an issue on CCP’s side.

I’m in the same boat as you. The post says those subscribed to the mailing list will get an email “within a few days”…

from talking with a GM, CCP is doing an end-of-week email each week, and those that make the list are put on the next end-of-week mass notice email. So, I would advise to be a bit patient and see if you get the email nearer to the end of the week.

Is it just 3 daily tasks or 3 ‘different’ daily tasks ?

I dunno.

I’m too busy actually playing EvE Online to figure out what non-EvE gameplay activity the devs think is ‘proof’ of playing the game.


Why back in my day, when we had to complete a fetch quest, we had to kill three hundred bears just to get twelve pelts, after walking through five different regions to Alterac Mountains, through the snow, barefoot, uphill, both ways, while getting ganked by an undead rogue the entire time.

You lazy good-for-nothing kids don’t know just how easy you have it today.


Thats funny, I have the complete opposite experience, I never once made any concious effort to complete the tasks required, and then a few days ago got an email saying I would be in the mosaic.

Don’t worry about it, all the coolest players are not in the mosiac, being in the mosaic means you are conforming and just following the crowd like a sheep.

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Please don’t mosaic me. It sounds painful :smile:

That nape…

–Gadget swoons

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It’s safe; the neural interface ports are properly sealed for ambulation in a non-sterile environment.

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