Verification code?

Hello ,

I am confronted recently, on one of my characters, with the following concern:
when i try to log on to the eve account web site, he asks me
a verification code that I do not receive
I have another character, with which I write this post, at the connection of this one,
I did not have the slightest problem

What to do ?
I have already reinstalled the client,
I delete the coockies
and no need to ask me to look in my junk mail,
it’s already done, there is NOTHING, not a byte of mail …
and I of course sent a ticket to support …
my english is light sorry

good flight to all and I hope that my problem will be solved

Ps: I specify that I can connect the character on
the customer and the game without problem …

You don’t need to create a new thread for it. See my answer in the other one where I write to you on what you should do:

By doing these steps can you cut around the entire prologue with CCP’s support, because it’s exactly what they will ask you to do. Please do get in contact with them.


The ticket has already been made, hope that I have an answer
as soon as possible …

I already looked in my junk mail precisely!
I wrote it above …

if a GM or other could pass on this topic, it would be nice to him, good day to all

If you have a support ticket filed, the customer support team will be with you as soon as it reached the front of the queue.


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