Let me start by saying I am stupid.
I am changing computers and I tried to log in and it ask for the verification code sent to my e-mail but here’s the stupid part, I don’t remember the e-mail address used. I can still log in and play on my old computer since my account was verified at some point. What do I do?

Go to the account management page on the EVE website, log in with your username and password and it will show you your registered email address and accounts associated with that email.

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Yup, the account management page will tell you what email you used. So long as you know how to log in to eve, its easy to find out which email it was.

Remembering the password on the email, however, is a different matter.

Okay next problem is when I go to account management it ask for verification code.

The magic eight-ball I’m looking at said something about petition, not sure what that means.

got it fixed tickets are sometimes handle really fast.

Thanks to all that replied trying to help.


Hey, Glad to hear you got it fixed! If in doubt, Ticket it. If you have an issue in the future and you have no means of logging into your account, Sending an E-mail to from the E-mail you believe you created the account from will put you in touch with CCP Support.

As your Issue has been settled, I will go ahead and close this.


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