Email Address Verification Problem


I’ve been trying to change my email address associated with my Eve account.

I receive the email saying someone is trying to change your email address, however, I’m not receiving the email on the new address to verify it.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

did you look in spam or junk folders?

Yes, I’ve checked Spam and Junk - nothing.

On Account Management, it says “Email Address Change In Progress”

When I go into Edit Account Information, there is no button to resend the verification email.

I’ve seen 2FA verification emails also end up in the promotional folder of gmail for some reason. So who knows where it could have ended up. If you want to make sure it didn’t get put anywhere weird, do a search for "". You should also carefully make sure that entered in the correct email. And, if all else fails, file a support ticket.


Thanks for your reply.

I’ve checked through my entire Gmail account and can’t find the verification emails.

I did a search, as you suggested and nothing came up at all.

I copied and pasted the email and read it back to myself, so I’m confident It’s correct.

I’m going to submit a support ticket and see if CCP can help.

Thank you once again!

So in the end, did they solved your problem? Coz ive got same trouble, i ve got no link to acces email change… Only message that my email change in progress…

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Looks that problem still ongoing, I’ve got same email only notification email is changed but no link for verify… So my big question is when ccp start fixing issused in game and not puch every week useless updates

Make a new E-mail box at and sign up again.
Your mail address doesn’t matter much. What matters is that you have access to the game.
Post back here so we know if that solves it.

Gmail can be unreliable as far as signing up to game servers. I’ve also had same issues when using Gmail.

I think you does not understand me.
In game, meaning in my account in website where my data I cange email then I see it in website this way: Email change in progress. In email (old email) I reciveve from ccp - NO URL / link to confirm this is my email to verify only notification your email is changed. For new email inbox I did not get any email and old email stay in my account with comment change in progress. Pictures below!

Did you manage to get this resolved @Kirp ? I have a similar problem - trying to update to my new email address but I have the same problem as you.

No, I have with this no rush just hope CCP find this isse to resolve it.

Open a ticket on it, the verify emails are either stuck or not being sent. They should resolve it relatively promptly as it’s an account issue.

Also the verify link in the email they send is NOT TLS (HTTPS) it’s HTTP which I think they should upgrade to be encrypted e2e and we are moving towards automatically blocking or upgrading all non TLS links to TLS in the browser.

Having the exact same problem. Just changed my email address and got the email to my old email telling me my email address had been changed but I did not receive an email with the confirmation link. Have checked both the old or the new address, nothing there.

Same thing here. email change is “in progress”, got the email on the old address notifying me of the change, didn’t get the confirmation of the change on the new email.

Yep, same - I got the verification link, clicked it, but my email still says “change pending” over a week later. I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before too - I changed the email a few months ago, clicked the verification link, and it was never actually updated.

Maybe not quite the same issue but it could I’m not to this point yet. I created a new account this year because I forgot I had created one earlier. Eve was able to fix it so I could use the old account. I understand now the new account I created but don’t use is still active and Eve wants me to Link the account I use with the one I don’t in order to login to the website and I don’t want to do that. Hopefully they can help me get this straightened out and I can delete the other account once and for all!

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